Grant Imahara sadly passed back in July 2020, but his nearest and dearest are still thinking of the former co-host fondly. Adam Savage recently opened up about how Imahara’s death impacted him.

Imahara died aged 49 from a brain aneurism.

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Who was Grant Imahara?

Imahara was a notable electrical engineer and roboticist, well-recognised for hosting the science show Mythbusters.

Before making an entrance on TV, Grant reportedly joined Lucasfilm’s THX division, later working with Industrial Light and Magic. For nine years, Imahara contributed to iconic films, such as ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ – how cool is that?

At just 49-years-old, Imahara suddenly passed away from a tragic brain aneurism.

Adam Savage recalls Imahara’s death

Mythbusters co-host, Adam Savage, has recently opened up about Imahara’s sudden death.

In talks with Yahoo Entertainment, Savage spoke out: “Like everybody else, I was gut-punched by Grant’s passing last year.

“It felt like almost too much in the face of all the other existential crises that were going on. But those of us that were lucky enough to know Grant knew him as a lovely man of honor, who wanted to share his knowledge with everybody.”

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How is Mythbusters keeping the cohost’s memory alive?

The popular science show is paying tribute to Grant Imahara by honouring his love of scientific experimentation.

Reportedly, the Mythbusters team are auctioning off props that were used on the series, via an online event hosted by Prop Store.

Adam Savage took to Twitter to promote the event, writing: “We TOTALLy didn’t think the arrow machine gun was going to work. More about this #MythBusters prop, now available for bidding on @propstore_com as part of the #GrantImahara STEAM Foundation auction, here:

Noteworthy props such as an arrow machine gun and a mechanical shark will be up for grabs via the auction.

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