Busta Rhymes recently shared his anti-mask views via an on-stage rant and many viewers are outraged with the rapper’s stance on the pandemic.

Discover the artist’s reasoning behind his dismissive views and explore crazy Twitter reactions to the rapper’s rant, below!

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Busta Rhymes pandemic stance explored

Trevor George Smith Jr., known professionally as Busta Rhymes, is a 49-year-old American rapper and record producer known for his speedy lyrics full of complexity, inventiveness, and humour. 

During a show in St. Louis, Missouri, reportedly a state where vaccination rates lag and new Coronavirus cases surge, Busta Rhymes recently took to the stage with a lengthy rant regarding COVID-19 safety protocols.

In particular, the artist expressed his anti-mask views and his outrage towards the safety face coverings.

Along with many others, @GrantB911 tweeted a viral video showing Busta Rhymes railing against COVID lockdowns and masks on stage.

While acknowledging the unprecedented times over the last 15 months, Busta Rhymes begins to list reasons why, in his words, “Covid can suck a d*ck.”

Undermining the government’s COVID-19 guidelines, the rapper shouts:

“All these little weird-ass government policies and mandates… suck a d*ck!”

The artist then states that safety measures have been trying to take away people’s civil liberties.

Many viewers have since reported that dismissing public safety measures towards such a huge audience creates a very problematic influence on parts of society.

Why is the artist anti-mask?

When speaking upon face coverings which are encouraged to manage safety measures, Busta Rhymes yells:

“No human being is supposed to tell you you can’t even breathe freely. F*** your mask!”

After admitting that some people may feel differently, he strongly reiterates his anti-mask views.

Firstly, the artist states that he is unable to rhyme with a mask on, before mentioning that food can’t be consumed while wearing a mask.

The rapper follows up by stating:

“We can’t even see each other smile with a mask on.”

In reference to his past experiences with women, Busta Rhymes also states that he would previously use his face to let people know that he’s into them.

He finalises his reasoning by stating that energy is blocked with a mask on, and later proceeds to shout:

“Energy is important.”

The artist’s speech has since been proven incorrect and somewhat irresponsible by scientific sources which state that wearing a mask does help prevent the spread of the virus by stopping droplets of moisture, containing the virus, from leaving your mouth and nose.

Twitter reacts to the rapper’s rant

Along with the video’s likes and retweets on Twitter, of course, came the crazy reactions.

@brandonkscott stated that the artist is better when he’s rapping too fast for people to understand what he’s saying, as opposed to ranting about safety measures.

Using a meme, another viewer represented their disappointment after discovering just why Busta Rhymes was trending online.

A hilarious video of Steve Harvey was used in reference to the Black Twitter community’s response to Busta Rhyme’s anti-mask views.

While acknowledging that she is an old-school fan of the rapper, @JoyAnnReid shared her disappointment via Twitter as she advised people to mask up and get vaccinated through the use of hashtags.

Another viewer used a rhyme relating to the detrimental effects of COVID-19 in response to the artist’s stance on the pandemic.

Others simply advised viewers to avoid taking pandemic survival advice from Busta Rhymes.

Head over to Twitter to explore more insane reactions online!

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