Playboy model Luana Sandien recently bid £438k to pose naked with Lionel Messi’s handkerchief and viewers are eager to get to know her!

Meet the Instagram baddie online as we explore her social media platforms and creative content while learning why she wanted the footballer’s item so badly…

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Model bid £438k to pose with Messi’s handkerchief

While announcing his departure from FC Barcelona, whereby he spent his entire career so far, Lionel Messi broke down in tears and was handed a tissue by his wife Antonela Roccuzzo.

Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images

The football icon’s handkerchief was then supposedly posted online, for sale!

An anonymous user on the Argentinian website Mercado Libre reportedly put the handkerchief up for sale, claiming that Leo Messi used it during his farewell speech at Barcelona. 

As a Barcelona super-fan, a model named Luana Sandien was eager to get her hands on the popular handkerchief.

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The Sun reports that the model stated:

“I bid $600,000 [£438,000] to get the Messi handkerchief gone, after that the ad disappeared.

“I gave more than half the advertised amount believing I would win, but the ad disappeared after my bid, out of nowhere.

“The ad went off the air without giving more information about the outcome of the case, so we don’t know if anyone bought the artefact, or if the advertiser gave up on the idea.

“I hope I made it.”

While it has not been confirmed whether Sandien became successful in her bid for the handkerchief, The Sun also claims that she plans to ‘pose naked’ with the item if the offer is accepted.

Who is Luana Sandien?

Luana Sandien is a 27-year-old Brazillian model and Barcelona Football Club supporter.

Over on Instagram, @luanasandien has over 50,000 followers to accompany her feed containing more than 460 posts so far.

In her bio, the creator is categorised as a fashion model and described as a Brazillian Beauty and Photo model.

Luana uses an emoji to indicate that she is located in Rio de Janeiro despite being from Barcelona.

@luanasandien often uploads photographs displaying her fashionable outfits.

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Images taken from modelling shoots can also be found throughout her grid on the ‘gram.

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Having previously modelled for Playboy, the creator expressed her delight in regards to her cover feature wearing an outfit representing Barcelona Football Club.

She captioned an upload with the statement:

“I’m so happy to be a cover in this amazing magazine, it was for sure one of my best experiences.”

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Luana is the mother of her son Adam Lampe, who she shares with Barcelona basketball player Maciej Lampe.

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Adam also has an Instagram account of his own with the username @littlepistol7.

Throughout his current total of 451 posts, Lampe’s content contains images of himself along with his mother, friends and family.

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Meet the content creator on TikTok

@lhuanasandien also has a fairly big audience on TikTok with over 8,700 followers along with 23,000 likes in total.

The creator often hops on trends such as dance challenges, lip-syncing videos and more.

Her son, Adam, also gets involved in her uploads on the video-sharing platform.



♬ Up – Cardi B

Although the account seems to have been inactive for a while now, explore @lsandien over on Twitter.

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