Find out what the Paralympic symbol means as we explore the significance behind the three Agitos and why they represent the games.

Discover where the Agitos symbol originated from and spot it displayed in the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony, below!

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What does the Paralympic symbol mean?

Although it might appear as three curved shapes, the Paralympic symbol is composed of three Agitos. states that the Agitos come from the Latin meaning “I move”, and by encircling a central point they each symbolise motion.

Furthermore, they emphasise the role of the Paralympic Movement in bringing athletes together from all corners of the world to compete.

The three colours displaying red, green and blue are the most widely represented in national flags around the world.

Reflecting the Paralympic Motto, “Spirit in Motion,” the symbol also represents the strong will of every Paralympian.

The Paralympic Symbol is described to emphasise the fact that Paralympic athletes are constantly inspiring and exciting the world with their performances: always moving forward and never giving up.

@yahooaustralia also explains the meaning behind the symbol over on TikTok.

When did the three Agitos launch?

The current Paralympic symbol showing the three Agitos was launched at the Closing Ceremony of the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games.

Photo by Ker Robertson/Getty Images

Over 15 years later, the icon has now been used to symbolise the Paralympic games ever since.

Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony explored

The opening ceremony of the Paralympics in 2021 took place in Tokyo, Japan.

Representing the event, the three Agitos were displayed and held up by performers as they were reportedly invoking the Japanese tradition of karakuri.

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The Agitos are displayed on the waters of Tokyo, showing their colours in daylight while lighting up in the dark.

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The Blue Impulse, the aerobatic demonstration team of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, also took to the skies of Tokyo to present the three colours of the Paralympic symbol.

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@tokyo2020_official shared a video of the team soaring the skies.


ブルーインパルスの展示飛行をお届け✈️パラリンピックのシンボル「スリーアギトス」のカラーで東京の空を彩りました❤️💙💚#tokyo2020 #paralympics #DisabilityAwareness

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