Ariana Grande’s fans have lately been speculating that the singer could be coming up with her own makeup line, named REM, after launching a perfume of the same name. But, some are still not sure what REM stands for.

Ariana is a busy, career-oriented woman. From joining NBC’s The Voice to starring in Netflix’s upcoming flick Don’t Look Up, the singer seems to have a lot on her plate lately.

However, fans recently found hints on social media that suggested the God is a Woman singer could soon be dabbling into the beauty business.

While Ariana’s contemporaries like Rihanna (Fenty) and Selena Gomez (Rare) have built extremely successful beauty brands, the Positions singer, hasn’t ventured into the industry just yet.

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What does REM stand for?

Arianators may remember that R.E.M is the name of one of the singer’s tracks from her 2018 album, Sweetener.

It is an acronym for “Rapid Eye Movement,” a term that is used to refer to a cycle of sleep where individuals have very vivid dreams.

This is also that stage of sleep where people have their most vivid sexual dreams. Hence, in the 2018 song, Ariana is comparing falling in love with a guy to these very intense, sexual dreams.

The acronym stuck around in the singer’s work longer than many fans might have expected. In 2020, she introduced a perfume named R.E.M under her fragrance line.

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Why fans think Ariana Grande is starting a makeup line

The speculation about the 28-year-old singer’s makeup line became rife after some internet sleuths found a new Instagram account and website, dedicated to “r.e.m. Beauty”.

To add more fuel to the rumors, Ariana’s mom, Joanne Grande, is following the brand’s page.

If this wasn’t enough of a hint, Ariana’s close friend, Doug Middlebrook, recently posted a selfie on his Instagram stories, where he is seen posing in front of a ginormous billboard of REM at New York’s time square. He also tagged Ariana in the story.

Screenshot from Doug Middlebrook’s Instagram story

However, one of the biggest clues so far has been the reported trademark filing that has surfaced online. REM is listed as a brand providing a range of beauty products in the filing. The products listed include concealers, lash serum, lipstick, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliners, hair extensions as well as makeup sponges among other items.

A look at the singer’s fragrance line

Ariana launched the R.E.M. Eau de Parfum in 2020. The perfume is priced at $55 on Before REM came out, she launched Thank U, Next, which had an iconic holder shaped like a broken heart. The product is retailing at $45 on the same website. The one before that was Cloud, which had the iconic cloud-shaped opener. This is also priced at $45.

Ariana’s perfume line reflects the singer’s creativity. Hence, fans are extremely excited about the rumoured makeup line.

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