The superhero drama was one of 2019’s most successful shows, gaining a huge fanbase and numerous Emmy wins. However, HBO has still not announced a renewal.

Rather than a remake of the 1986 DC Comics series, Watchmen put a new spin on the show as it follows the same world but in present time with new obstacles.

Originally located in Manhattan, Watchmen discusses the racial injustice in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thanks to white supremacist group The Seventh Kavalry, only Detective Angela Abar (Regina King) and Police Chief Judd Crawford (Don Johnson) have remained in the force after ‘White Night’, an event that saw 40 police officer homes attacked by the supremacists.

Now, the Police Department are forced to conceal their identities using masks to avoid another attack.

With 26 Emmy nominations, including Regina and Yahya Abdul-Mateen taking one home personally, you’d think that HBO would be hasty to greenlight season 2 immediately.

Here’s everything we know about Watchmen.

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Watchmen waits for Damon Lindelof

Originally touted as an ongoing drama series, HBO relabeled the show as a ‘limited series’ after its future became uncertain due to showrunner Damon Lindelof leaving after season 1.

Even before Watchmen concluded, Damon was pretty certain that he was finished with the series since he poured all of his ideas into the first season, with a definitive beginning, middle and end. It is unusual that he had this outlook given that HBO promoted it as a long series, so perhaps there was a misunderstanding during the early stages.

  • Damon has stated that he won’t be the brains behind the program and gives his blessing to his replacement. Meanwhile, HBO president Casey Bloys only sees Damon working his magic, so the show is stuck in a limbo.

He told Deadline, “It’s hard to imagine doing it without Damon. It seems unlikely, he told a pretty complete story. Never say never but there are no plans for another installment.”

Sorry, but a season 2 seems pretty unlikely for now.

Jaguar | Date Announcement | Netflix

Jaguar | Date Announcement | Netflix

Should there be Watchmen season 2?

As Damon stated, the nine-episode show concluded quite satisfyingly with the death of Cal and Lady Trieu, Joe Keene reaching his ooze demise and the Cyclops leaders murdered by Trieu.

However, it’s the one cliffhanger, which would have set up season 2 well, that has left viewers annoyed.

After we learn that Cal is Doctor Manhatten, he reveals that he was transfer his powers into inanimate object, which is the perfect storyline to set up future episodes.

With this fact, the show instantly gains an unpredictable and dangerous quality because what if his powers land in the wrong hands, or suddenly the possessor becomes out of control with their new abilities?

Angela eats an egg hinted to contain Cal’s powers, but the show turns dark before we know whether she can walk on water – this is where you cue season 2 HBO!

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Watchmen season 1 is available to stream on HBO Max now.

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