Most of us struggle to remember what we had for breakfast yesterday, so it’s safe to say that just as many of us wouldn’t be able to recall what happened on a TV show we haven’t seen in months at the tip of a hat.

Inevitably, that may pose a problem for fans of The Walking Dead because the series has returned for an eleventh season with more walkers than you can shake a severed limb at.

It’s arguably one of the most anticipated seasons to date considering we’re inching so close towards an uncertain conclusion.

Audiences were invited back into the fold with ‘Acheron: Part I’ on Sunday, August 22nd 2021, and details have sent shockwaves across living rooms and, as always, Twitter. However, we’re not here for spoilers. Well, unless you never actually saw season 10, that is.

Alas, we’re here to guide you through some key events and imperative details in a The Walking Dead season 10 recap before you begin navigating new episodes. Let’s begin…


Don’t forget the Whisperers

Arguably one of the most important details you need to remember before proceeding with season 11 is who the Whisperers are.

They are a group of survivors who have grown hostile, plagued by an overwhelming and primal brief that humanity must return to its roots in order to sustain life. This has encouraged them to adopt an animalistic and rather brutal way of running things. In order to survive, they wear the skin of Walkers to move around somewhat freely.

Their leader is Alpha (Samantha Morton), who Refinery29 highlights was responsible for the fair massacre. Considering their central priority, the group is sworn to protect what they believe is their territory, unafraid to kill those who attempt to seize it.

Other key members of the group are Alpha’s daughter Lydia (Cassady McClincy) and right-hand man of sorts, Beta (Ryan Hurst).

The Walking Dead Season 11 – Official Teaser Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 11 – Official Teaser Trailer

The Walking Dead season 10 recap

Casting our minds back to the dawn of the tenth season, the Whisperers remain undetected by the concerned parties until a mask – made from the skin of Walkers – washes up.

A satellite appears to collide on the border of the Whisperer land almost simultaneously, leading Alpha to investigate and discover Carol (Melissa McBride) nearby. This encounter occurs while, elsewhere, groups at Alexandria and Hilltop fend off against flesh-eating hordes.

Fast forward and a trio – Daryl (Norman Reedus), Michonne (Danai Gurira), and Carol – rock up at the Whisperers’ border and surrender their weapons. Alpha takes initiative and contemplates expanding the pack’s borders but Carol retaliates against her ambitious plans and abducts a Whisperer.

As for Negan, sometime after he shows up at the border he is ambushed by Beta before promising to be loyal to the group. Siddiq (Avi Nash), on the other hand, discovers that Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas) is a spy for the Whisperers. Afraid his true motives will be unearthed, Dante decides to take him out in hopes of remaining undetected.

Unfortunately, tensions continue to simmer and rivalries intensify when Negan accompanies attackers to Hilltop as Whisperers proceed to burn it to the ground.

Yet, more surprises are underway when Negan kills Alpha and reveals that he was united with Carol the entire time.

Beta takes Walkers to Alexandria but residents have sought refuge at a neighbouring hospital, forcing the threat to move there instead. Also, Negan is made the new Alpha after being ambushed by Whisperers but he slaughters them in an effort to convey his loyalty to Daryl.

Beatrice is killed when Daryl and other survivors avoid the horde targeting the hospital, and although Gabriel stays behind, he is later rescued by Maggie and a mysterious survivor. Daryl then takes on the threat and he wounds Beta. Meanwhile, Eugene’s entourage is captured by armed soldiers.

Maggie learns of Negan’s release and Carol justifies the decision because he killed Alpha. Maggie, Daryl, and the others then go to a safe haven that has had its members killed; Maggie’s son Hershel is missing too.

Cole explains that the Reapers did this and one of them actually kills a number of people with Maggie. Subsequently, they return to Alexandria, and Daryl and Carol later have a fight after a series of flashbacks. It’s conveyed that Daryl blames her for Connie’s fate and they part.

Approaching the finale

When we arrive at the episode ‘Splinter’, Eugene, Princess, Yumiko, and Ezekiel are held captive by masked soldiers. However, Princess finds a way to escape but is told to stay for protocol by Eugene.

She and Ezekiel argue but a later confrontation reveals she imagined him there, so she returns to the boxcar and the group is seized once again.

Carol, on the other hand, leaves Daryl for Alexandria while he ventures into the woods, where his bike breaks down. He can’t fix it without the knife he gave to Carol, although he is able to salvage supplies from Walkers. This allows him to travel to Alexandria, but the two part yet again after a brief exchange.

Finally at the finale – ‘Here’s Negan’ – Carol banishes Negan to Leah’s cabin and we witness a series of flashbacks, which thanks to the technique will likely be fresher in the viewer’s memory than anything else discussed.

After learning more about him through these sequences, we follow him as he unearths his Lucille baseball bat which is wrecked after taking on a Walker. The remains of the weapon are burned and he returns to Alexandria.

There you have it. Now, enjoy season 11!

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