Stray Kids Hyunjin and Felix kickstart the Thunderous Tiktok challenge after their latest bop racks up a record of over 9 million views within 24 hours.

Stray Kids fans are finally relishing the fourth generation K-pop trendsetters’ latest comeback album, No Easy. Certified boasting a ‘no-skip’ tracklist, the album has already peaked at number one on South Korea’s Melon chart, while also snagging the top spot on iTunes in several countries.

Stray Kids ‘Thunderous’ Tiktok challenge

To boost ‘No Easy’s widespread success, Hyunjin, Felix, Lee Know, Han, Bang Chan, Changbin, I.N and Seungmin started the much-awaited ‘Thunderous’ Tiktok challenge.

Hyunjin and Felix stun fans! Stays call ‘Hyunlix’ the most powerful unit

Stray Kids, known as the unique fourth-gen K-pop group that blends action with the sharpest of the choreographic moves in each comeback era, has stunned Stays with ‘Thunderous.’

After an iconic music video where fans witnessed the traditions fusing with modern choreography, it is the Tiktok challenge that got everyone hyped. Stays couldn’t get enough of Hyunjin and Felix as a unit, performing together.

A fan declared: “Hyunlix the most powerful unit.” Another Stay gushed: “#Hyungjin & #Felix are KILLING this choreo of #Thunderous and I am LIVING for it!”

Swooning over the duo’s chemistry, another fan commented: “Hyunlix best duo? Indeed best dancer of racha. Well said, the duo that you would never be able to resist.”

Stray Kids released their comeback album ‘No Easy’ on August 23rd. The album features pre-release singles like ‘Mixtape: OH’ that debuted atop on Billboard World Digital Sales, a first for the K-pop power group.

The power trio, aka 3RACHA, consisting of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han took on the task of most of the songwriting of ‘No Easy.’ The album includes 14 tracks combining hip hop, contemporary R&B, trapEDM, and pop genres.

Along with 3RACHA, ‘No Easy’ marks a special place for Stays as it has contributions from all the OT8 members. Lee Know and Felix participated in writing ‘Surfin’. Stay’s heartbeat Hyunjin co-wrote the bop, ‘Red Lights’. Seungmin and I.N took part in writing the lyrics of ‘Gone Away’.

Along with the OT8 partnership, Versachoi, Krysta Youngs, HotSauce, and Hong Ji-sang also took part in making ‘No Easy.’

Here’s a look at No Easy’s ‘Thunderous’

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