The scholarship challenge is the latest trend that has taken over TikTok as several users have been recording themselves pranking their mothers or grandmothers.

The news about this trend comes a day after the ‘milk crate challenge‘ went viral on social media. Several people shared their videos on Twitter and TikTok, and it did not take long for it to start trending. While some might think it looked fun, there were others who complained about serious injuries due to the same.

Now, shifting the focus to a harmless trend, people have been talking about the scholarship challenge.

What is the scholarship challenge on TikTok?

In the past, videos of people getting scholarships have gone viral. However, this trend is a bit different. The challenge is all about how well you can prank your parents.

The scholarship challenge starts with an individual inviting their parent, usually their mother or grandmother, and talking about how they’ve been an inspiration.

The individual then pretends to record their video and narrates a tale of why their parent has been an inspiration to them. While the story might have some real instances, the content soon turns into a collection of lies.

The most common lie that people say is that their parent was an escort while growing up. In short, the challenge revolves around seeing how the parent reacts to this.

Videos of scholarship pranks go viral on TikTok

It does not come as a surprise that the challenge has led to many pranking their parents. In fact, some of the reactions have been unexpected.

Most of the time, the parent tends to stop their child from going on with the lies. Meanwhile, there are others who cannot control their emotions and burst out laughing as the video continues to roll.

Some have even expressed their thoughts on Twitter. One user wrote: “Between the milk crate challenges and the scholarship prank videos this week. I AM WEAK!”

Another added: “Between the scholarship challenge and crates I’ve been joked.”

What is the milk crate challenge?

The milk crate challenge is quite simple and has individuals attempting to climb a staircase of crates.

The challenge starts with people arranging six to eight crates at the bottom and placing them in a manner where the last layer only has one box.

The winner is decided on the basis of who can successfully climb down the other side without falling. Even though several people have deemed it as fun, the challenge has resulted in severe injuries and caution must be taken.

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