Since season 1 of Julie and the Phantoms aired nearly one year ago, fans have been waiting for a renewal. So what’s the latest news on the fate of the show?

Julie and the Phantoms premiered on Netflix in September 2020 and has been critically commended for its excellent soundtrack and cast with numerous awards; lead actors Madison Reyes, Charlie Gillespie, Owen Joyner and Jeremy Shada won Best Musical Moment at the MTV Movie Awards.

With tremendous reception, it’s surprising that Julie and her dead bandmates were not renewed immediately in 2020. Now that it’s nearly been a year, what do we know about season 2?

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Cast and staff hopeful for season 2

  • There has still been no official announcement of a season 2, but the producers are definitely still in talks, therefore there is no cancellation yet.

In an Instagram post dated August 2, 2021, one lucky fan received a response from executive producer Kenny Ortega amongst the sea of other renewal comments.

The fan asked, “I’m going to go straight at it, when is season 2 coming?! me and so many other LOVED the first season and can’t wait for season 2!!! How much longer are we gonna have to wait??”

Kenny replied, “We are working hard with our Netflix partners to come back. Please continue to hang in there with us. We depend on your continued support!”

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Madison, who portrays Julie Molina, thanked fans in June 2021 for their multiple Daytime Emmy nominations and got fans excited as she reunited with Charlie Gillespie and Owen Patrick Joyner for a livestream.

Yet again, the stars didn’t confirm a return and they’re in the same boat as the fans; waiting for the news, “It seems like they’re working on it, but no official pickup yet.”

Similarly, Jeremy expressed to Entertainment Weekly that the entire crew is fully on board, “It’s always weird being in that kind of waiting process where you just really don’t know. If they want us to come back and do it, we will definitely come back and do it!”

Luna Park | Official Teaser | Netflix

Luna Park | Official Teaser | Netflix

Madison Reyes and Charlie Gillespie are Team Juke

Of course one of the key storylines for season 2 would be the relationship development between Julie and Luke because it will never be a coming-of-age drama without a love story or a triangle.

All staff and cast members are rooting for Juke, but obviously the pair have a major obstacle; he’s a ghost. Showrunner Dan Cross explained,

“They had a strong connection when it comes to songwriting and … if we were to get our second season, that’s where their strongest connection will be because it’s hard enough to be in a relationship. It’s even harder to be in a relationship with somebody in your own band, and it’s even harder to be in a relationship with somebody that’s dead.”

Madison herself is quite a fan too:

“They know what it feels like to have that experience. It’s definitely a very cute relationship. I’m a Juke fan. I will run with it to the end. It’s really nice.”

While Charlie tells HollywoodLife:

“Come on, it’s hard for them. They don’t stay it because it’s impossible. That’s the way Luke feels, at least. They can’t talk about it because what’s the point of talking about it when it can’t happen? And that’s hard on both of them.

The season finale saw a huge step for Julie and Luke when they discovered that they were able to touch when Julie embraces her three bandmates and the phantoms materialise, meaning that they are rid of Caleb’s curse.

However, their relationship became under threat when Nick decided to show up at Julie’s door with flowers, probably to profess his feelings. To make things worse, Caleb takes over Nick’s body to seek revenge and find out why the boys were able to escape his power and touch humans.

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