Probably the most exciting day of the year has arrived, and it could potentially restore this lockdown-filled year. Happy National Waffle Day!

August 24th marks the National Waffle Day in the United States and it’s a holiday almost as big as July 4th for most citizens.

Maple syrup, chocolate, fruits, cheese, eggs, whatever your preferred topping is, today is the day to not hold back, forget those calories, and eat waffles for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and as a snack too!

Is free waffles on National Waffle Day a thing?

Undoubtedly, the best way to celebrate is giving out presents and you’re probably wondering will your favourite waffle store give you a free one on this glorious day?

Well, if it’s a local store maybe you’ll get one for free, but as far as big brands are concerned there hasn’t been an announcement from any of them to alarm any free waffles giveaway.

The US temple of waffle, The Waffle House has yet to set forth how they are celebrating the National Waffle Day with their customers.

However, the chain teased a very exciting National Waffle Week. On their social media, the Waffle House wrote: “ 🎉 Today is a GREAT day, but an even GREATER WEEK is coming… Happy National Waffle Day and join us during National #WaffleWeek soon!”

So, you might not get a free waffle today, but stay alert, surprises might be on your way! To make this holiday sweet though, here are some good waffle places for you!

Waffle deals to celebrate National Waffle Day

Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

If you fancy a waffle treat outdoors, the following places will definitely fulfil your expectations for a lovely meal, sweet or savoury.

Here are five places to grab a waffle alone or with company and celebrate this yummy holiday!

The Dolly Llama: offering $5 waffle deals for customers who stop by on August 24th to grab a waffle of their choice.

Eggo x Incogmeato: giving out free savoury waffles with chicken while supply lasts!

Fry the Coop: another brilliant savoury waffle spot giving out goods for $5!

Goldbelly: “GETINMYBELLY” discount and free shipping for those wanting to celebrate at the comfort of their house.

Skinny Mixes: guilt-free waffles with zero-calorie, sugar-free and discount code “WAFFLEDAY” for August 24th!

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