There are always certain actors you can count on to draw a massive audience. Bonafide movie stars by every definition of the term.

If cinemagoers have crowned Dwayne Johnson the king of the popcorn flick, then you could argue that Jason Momoa is somewhat on his way to becoming a silver medalist, increasingly hot on the Hollywood icon’s trail.

The 42-year-old American actor is best known for his central performance as the titular Aquaman in James Wan’s 2018 superhero spectacle, while captivating fans in TV efforts like Game of Thrones.

He’s set to continue his rise with an important part in Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated – and very high concept – Dune, in which he’ll portray Duncan Idaho. However, it’s already been a significant year for the star thanks to Zack Snyder’s Justice League and, of course, Sweet Girl.

Serving as the directorial feature debut of Brian Andrew Mendoza, Jason is centre stage amongst its cast, but audiences have a pressing question they want to address after checking it out. Does Ray die in Sweet Girl?



Does Ray die in Sweet Girl? Netflix movie ending explained

  • Yes, it’s eventually revealed that Ray died as a result of a stab wound inflicted by Santos at the subway two years ago. We learn that Ray is actually Rachel.

To make sense of this revelation, it’s worth reflecting back on the film’s narrative…

Amanda Cooper has cancer and her husband Ray discovers that a drug that may have saved her life was pulled from the market; this is thanks to a business decision orchestrated by BioPrime CEO Simon Keeley.

Ray phones in during a live debate and threatens Simon, ordering him to reverse the decision. However, he shrugs it off and takes no action.

Amanda passes away, leaving Ray and their daughter Rachel to grieve…

Sweet Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sweet Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

A crushing climax

Fast forward to six months later and a reporter – Martin – tells Ray that he can ensure justice. They meet at a subway station but are followed by Rachel and Santos, a hitman. Santos assaults them and kills the reporter while only stabbing Ray – or so it seems at first.

Two years pass and Ray continues to investigate Simon, later ambushing him and asking him about bribes and the hit on Martin we witnessed earlier. After he argues that Chairman Vinod Shah ordered the hits, a bodyguard attacks and Ray kills him and Simon.

Rachel accompanies him to a motel to hide and she contacts FBI Agent Sarah Meeker, asking her to investigate BioPrime before Ray kills two mercenaries on their tail.

The two then pursue Chairman Shah but he’s taken out by Santos and it’s revealed that he’s employed by Diana Morgan.

In Pittsburgh, it’s finally uncovered that Ray is Rachel and has been suffering from PTSD while seeking vengeance. After an encounter, she jumps into a river and is arrested, although later escapes.

Continuing her quest, she kills Santos and Diana admits that she was bribed by BioPrime and is responsible for Ray’s death. The confessional tape is sent to Sarah.

“We’re always drawn to human-driven stories”

The film’s director and Jason previously collaborated on the TV series Frontier and Brian was asked how their creative relationship has grown since the experience while speaking with CBR:

“We’re always drawn to human-driven stories and the humanity in this story, with the father and daughter, is something that we both gravitated towards and made us want to make this film…”

He added: “I think what we were focused on with Sweet Girl was we always put that emotion and characters first and then we looked at the action with the stunt team and how does that action support what the characters are doing.

“That’s always sort of been our style, we didn’t really change much except for the fact that I was the one yelling ‘action’ and ‘cut’ this time, I hadn’t done that yet.”

Sweet Girl is now streaming on Netflix.

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