When it comes to the undead genre, few titles are as widely known as The Walking Dead.

Developed by Frank Darabont, the horror-drama series arrived on AMC back in 2010 and arguably worked with a bigger canvas than the sub-genre had ever seen before, offering audiences a colossal spectacle.

Needless to say, it swiftly became a phenomenon and it really is a testament to the talent involved that we’re here over a decade later, eager as ever to learn the fate of fan favourite characters.

The highly anticipated eleventh season is finally here and the first episode – titled ‘Acheron: Part I’ – certainly packed a punch. However, its biggest shock was saved until the very end, with fans left fearing for the life of Lauren Cohen’s series regular.

With speculation in full swing, everybody is asking the same question… does Maggie die in The Walking Dead season 11 episode 1 or 2?


still from ‘The Walking Dead Season 11 – Official Trailer (2021)’, IGN, AMC et al.

Does Maggie die in The Walking Dead?

  • No, Maggie does not die in the season 11 premiere of The Walking Dead and her fate is confirmed in episode 2, ‘Acheron: Part II’, which was made available to AMC+ subscribers early.

The conclusion of episode 1 essentially saw Negan given the option to save Maggie, whose hatred towards him isn’t exactly a secret. Left hanging onto a train carriage with a horde of walkers below her dangling feet, her only option of survival – it seems – is Negan offering his hand.

However, he instead decides to walk away as she falls into an uncertain fate.

It’s a cliffhanger in a humorously literal sense, but the following episode reveals that she somehow survived the flesh-eating antagonists.

Episode 2 sees Negan answer to one of the group, explaining that Maggie was just behind them without mentioning what he saw. Indeed, you’d be justified in believing that this is game over for Maggie, but she later arrives on the scene when the crew is navigating the train carriages.

They hear a noise from a trapdoor and Maggie emerges from the space, landing a swift punch on Negan’s puzzled face.

The pair argue about whether he would have been responsible for her demise, with Negan attempting to justify his actions by adding: “She was just talking about murdering me, sooner rather than later, and you’re annoyed at me?”

With a significant threat looming, on the other hand, they’re compelled to temporarily suspend the rivalry to ensure the group’s survival.

The Walking Dead Season 11 – Official Teaser Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 11 – Official Teaser Trailer

The reactions are in

A number of concerned parties have flocked to Twitter in complete shock after seeing the first episode.

Now that’s how you open a season!

Check out a selection of tweets:

“It’s not a good place…”

While we depart episode 2 with Negan and Maggie both alive, there is no reason to believe they’re both safe in the remainder of season 11.

Negan’s decision to walk away in this perilous moment only adds more fuel to the fire, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan has opened up about the tension between the characters while in conversation with TVLine:

“I think she’s going to have to kill him, or he’s going to have to kill her, especially as we find them in the first two episodes. It’s not a good place to be for either of them. It’s not going to be an easy run.”

As the journey continues, audiences will have to keep an even closer eye on their every move. With the danger escalating, there will surely be plenty more opportunities for betrayal and, perhaps worse… cold-blooded murder.

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