On Friday, August 20, a video of rapper Paper Lovee being arrested surfaced on the internet. The viral clip sees a high-speed car chase between the Atlanta rapper and the police.

The video has been going viral on all social media platforms and has evoked some reactions from its watchers. But many internet users are not well-versed with the young man appearing in the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ like chase and crash incident that took place on the GA 400 South at Interstate 285.

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Who is Paper Lovee?

The up-and-coming artist’s real name is Ibnisa Durr.

According to his Instagram, the rapper celebrated his 25th birthday recently. The latest video on his account features him rapping, as he sat in his car. He was wearing the same clothes he had on in the viral chase video which surfaced later.

With over 200,000 followers on his Instagram, the rapper doesn’t fail to update his fans about his personal and professional life. He recently released his first album Ratchet, which consists of some of his famous songs like Here 4 Ya, Top N Bottom, HIM and No Socks featuring Lil Baby.

The Atlanta native aspired to become a rapper from a young age. He released his initial sounds under the name Cashset Paper before debuting his 2016 single Why Wait, under the name Paper Lovee. However, his R&B-tinged track Here 4 Ya that released in the spring of 2018 became his breakthrough song.

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Atlanta Rapper’s arrest video explored

The viral video sees the cops chasing Paper Lovee, as they communicate with one another about his location. The clip is shot from inside of one of the cop vehicles. After a few seconds, we see that things come to a halt as multiple police vehicles have cornered the Atlanta rapper’s car.

In a frenzy, the 25-year-old gets out of his vehicle and throws a bag into the air before being captured and restrained by a cop. He tries to escape the law enforcer’s clutches but eventually, more officers join the scuffle and he is unable to resist anymore. Finally, he is handcuffed and arrested.

The Sandy Springs police department later revealed, “SSPD Officers were able to take this dangerous individual off our streets as he had already shot a person multiple times in Atlanta.” The crash caused multiple lanes on Ga. 400 to be closed for several hours.

The police department also revealed, “The perpetrator was armed during this incident and was successfully disarmed by our officers.”

Twitter reacts to the chase and crash incident

Here’s what fans thought about the incident.

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