Netflix has released the anticipated new action film Sweet Girl, starring Aquaman and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced.

Helmed by Brian Andrew Mendoza, Sweet Girl narrates the story of Momoa’s Ray Cooper who seeks revenge against a pharmaceutical company that caused his wife’s death. Cooper’s emotionally charged journey ropes his daughter Rachel into the story with dangerous consequences.

Sweet Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sweet Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where was Sweet Girl Filmed?

Sweet Girl commenced filming in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in November 2019 and continued until February 2020. Director Mendoza, along with Director of Photography Barry Ackroyd, shot primarily in the American state and the surrounding areas to build the action film’s backdrop.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sweet Girl’s setting was originally meant to be New York City, however, Mendoza changed the film’s city to Pittsburgh after performing a location recce.

Mendoza told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Pittsburgh was thick with narrative, so much so that “you can feel it on the walls, on the buildings, in the streets.” Mendoza was particularly taken by the Downtown area of Pittsburgh as well as the outskirts and thought that the city was the perfect setting to tell the tragic story of Momoa’s blue-collar character.

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Various locations around Pittsburgh included the baseball stadium PNC Park, where a large action sequence was filmed involving Momoa’s character climbing the stadium to flee from the authorities. Over 80 cars and 1000 extras were used to create this scene around Federal Street. Roberto Clemente Bridge and the Allegheny River were also used as filming locations in this particular sequence.

Additionally, the Allegheny General Hospital Suburban Campus was used to film the hospital scenes involving Cooper’s wife.

Other filming locations around Pennsylvania included the Ambridge Do It Home Center in the Ambridge borough in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, as well as the Boulevard Automotive Center in Big Beaver. 

Momoa was also spotted filming at an auto body shop in Ohio Township, outside of Sewickley, Pennsylvania.

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