On Friday, August 20, Tyga took to his social media to inform the fans about his upcoming venture Myystar. The rapper announced the platform merely 24 hours after OnlyFans revealed its new content policy.

After taking the music world by storm, Tyga forayed into many other businesses. However, the 31-year-old rapper’s new venture might come as shock to many fans.

The Juicy rapper, who is one of OnlyFans’ biggest creators, recently left the platform. He is now working on creating a competitor website named Myystar.

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What is Myystar?

Myystar is Tyga’s new subscription-based content service, that will allow creators to post s**ually explicit videos.

However, it is not just limited to hosting s**ual content, the platform aims to create a safe haven for s*x workers, sportsmen, artists, and celebrities alike.

It is set to go live in October, around the same time that OnlyFans will be implementing its new policies. In his interview with Forbes, Tyga revealed that Myystar will only take a 10% cut from creators’ earnings—while OnlyFans’ takes a 20% cut.

Moreover, the Taste rapper has partnered with American artist Ryder Ripp, who has previously worked with the likes of Travis Scott and Kanye West. In his interview, Tyga also revealed that Myystar creators will be able to sell their own NFTs as well.

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How to join Tyga’s new platform

Tyga’s Twitter post announcing Myystar’s launch reveals that those interested in the adult content site will have to apply on myystar.com. The ability to join is currently on an invite-only basis.

Describing his new venture Tyga said that Myystar is “futuristic, better quality and only 10% fee.” Moreover, he also revealed that creators will be able to make the content of their choice with no restrictions.

Although the Compton native hasn’t disclosed his OnlyFans earnings, Forbes has estimated that he must have made several million with his $20/month subscription.

Why did OnlyFans ban content?

For many OnlyFans creators, the app is a lifeline especially as the world is still reeling from the shocks of the coronavirus pandemic. Hence many have expressed outrage upon learning about the platform’s new content policy, which will be unrolled from October 2021.

Announcing its decision on Thursday, the company revealed that it will soon stop hosting a wide variety of s**ually explicit content. However, simple nudity will still be allowed. While the platform has not revealed the reason for this decision, some internal documents procured by Axios state that despite its popularity, OnlyFans has struggled to secure outside investment due to the s**xual nature of the content on the platform.

It was also reported that OnlyFans’ aims to comply with the wide and concerted crackdown on pornographic content on the internet that has been happening in recent years.

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