No, Jason Statham isn’t dead. Explore the jokes online which supposedly emerged after the actor lost ‘World’s Sexiest Bald Man’ and more theories!

Discover all of the spiralling rumours surrounding his speculated death along with the debunking facts and more, below!

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Twitter speculates that Jason Statham is dead

As always, Twitter is often full of some pretty questionable content.

Recently, Jason Statham seems to be taking the limelight as users speculate his supposed death.

In June 2021, a Twitter user shared the news that the actor had died, only to finalise the statement by quoting a movie in which Statham plays a murdered character…

This could have sparked the following Tweets which question whether or not the English actor has died.

Supporters even began tagging Jason Statham and requesting answers.

Some of the random reports even date back to 2020.

Conspiracy theories even began to emerge online, with some suggesting that the actor had died and been replaced by a look-alike.

Back in 2013, a Twitter user even imagined the actor’s death to result in an end to action movies.

Joke emerges after losing ‘Sexiest Bald Man’

On 27th March 2021, The Independent shared an article on Twitter from indy100 which announced Prince William as the ‘World’s Sexiest Bald Man’, according to a Google Study.

This gained masses of online attention as readers began to respond with their opposing views.

Many viewers jokingly assumed that Jason Statham therefore must be dead, as he was not named ‘Sexiest Bald Man’.

The Rock was even jokingly questioned to be dead after, as another bald actor, he also lost the study to Prince William.

E! News also Tweeted the news story and received the same response.

Another reason for his speculated death could have also sparked from his supposed social media absence.

@jasonstatham last posted on Instagram in May 2021.

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Proof the actor is alive

Fortunately, Jason Statham is not dead.

The actor is currently partnered with English model and actress, Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley and have reportedly been together since 2010.

The pair got engaged in 2016 and now share their son named Jack Oscar Statham.

Unlike her fiancé, Rosie is very much present on social media. With an Instagram following of over 13 million users, she frequently uploads content.

On 20th August 2021, @rosiehw shared a collection of mirror selfies within her Instagram carousel displaying various outfits.

The final image shows herself holding her new baby bump with the caption stating:

“Taaa daahhh !! 👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻 #round2

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As the father of his second child, Jason Statham is, in fact, alive.

Perhaps his online absence is a result of the preparation for his new baby…

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