The My Hero Academia anime series is about to start its new arc, but what date and time will episode 108, season 5 episode 20, release for streaming?

Last week, the My Hero Academia anime series returned from its brief hiatus.

This week, fans around the world are counting down to what should be a historic episode for the franchise with the start of the My Villain Academia arc!

The ‘MVA’ arc is also called the Meta Liberation Army story and is the seventh story in the Rise of Villains Saga, running from chapter 218 to 240 in the original manga.

Now, all that we need to know is when episode 108, season 5 episode 19, will premiere online.

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Trailer 2

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Trailer 2

My Hero Academia episode 108: Release date and time

  • My Hero Academia episode 108, season 5 episode 20, is scheduled to release at 10: 30 AM BST on Saturday, August 21st.

Described times have been confirmed by both the Crunchyroll and Funimation platforms, with the episode launching at the following times for international audiences:

  • Pacific Time – 2: 30 AM PDT
  • Central Time – 4: 30 AM CDT
  • Eastern Time – 5: 30 AM EDT
  • British Time – 10: 30 AM BST
  • European Time – 11: 30 CEST
  • Philippine Time – 5:30 PM PHT
  • Korea Time – 6: 30 PM KST
  • Australia Time – 7 PM ACST

Episodes are made available for free users in selected territories at the described times the following week.

Episode 108 preview…

Season 5 episode 20 will mark the start of the My Villain Academia arc, with the episode titled ‘My Villain Academia’ and a new visual being released – see below.

“Gigantomachy and the doctor who suddenly appeared in front of the enemy alliance. The two loyal servants of All for One challenge whether the dead tree is suitable for its successor!.” – My Hero Academia, episode 109 synopsis.

The preview video clip has also been shared on social media by fans, check it out below.

The dubbing takes a breath…

On August 19th, the official My Hero Academia Twitter page revealed that the English dubbing for the anime would be on a temporary break this week.

A reason for the delay was not disclosed, but episode 107 is now scheduled to release on Saturday, August 29th.

Live action movie adds director…

A live action movie of My Hero Academia is being produced by Legendary Pictures and recently added Shinsuke Sato as the director.

Sato is best known for producing the ‘Kingdom’ anime adaptation and the hit Netflix series ‘Alice in Borderland’, but this will be his first English-language film.

A release date has not yet been officially revealed for the project, with more information expected to be revealed over the coming months.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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