Google co-founder Scott Hassan and his ex-wife, Allison Huynh, are currently in the midst of a divorce. The Silicon Valley couple has been enduring divorce proceedings for seven years, which Allison’s lawyer, Pierce O’Donnell, says, in his experience, “is the longest running court case in California history“.

Divorce settlement proceedings are scheduled to start Monday, August 23rd in San Jose, California as per The New York Post. More is known about Scott Hassan, however, not so much is known about ex-wife, Allison Huynh, so let’s find out more about her.

Who is Allison Huynh?

Allison Huynh is a senior research fellow at Stanford University’s Robotics Laboratory who comes from Vietnam. She married Scott Hassan in 2001 and together they have three children.

She’s the CEO of MyDream Interactive which is based in Palo Alto, California.

The MyDream website states that it was “designed by an eclectic team of game designers in collaboration with graphics experts, MyDream Interactive was founded by Allison Huynh with the mission of promoting the 3 Cs: Creativity, Collaboration  and Courage in virtual reality and the virtual world of gaming.

What is the ‘Allison Huynh’ website?

As reported by The New York Post, Scott Hassan admitted to creating a website –

The website contained links to news stories written about Allison as well as court documents from three lawsuits that involve her.

Speaking to The Post of making the website, Scott said that it “came together in a moment of frustration.

The site is no longer active at the time of writing.

Serengeti II | Trailer | BBC

Serengeti II | Trailer | BBC

Allison Huynh’s net worth explored

Given that Scott and Allison have been going through divorce for seven years the subjects of finances and settlements are at the forefront of their priorities.

While Scott’s net worth is estimated at over $1bn, less is known about Allison’s wealth.

As Scott and Allison are likely to battle over who gets what in their divorce, speaking to The Post, Allison said: “I helped to nurse him back to health and financially supported us early on. Scott said he was going to work and provide for our family.

However, Scott denied these comments.

Allison also added: “I pray that a Big Tech billionaire will not get away with his attempt to cheat his children and me while he walks away with everything.

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