The internet went into meltdown on Friday (August 20th) when an air fryer went on sale for £3.99 on Amazon.

The RUXINGGU Air Fryer usually retails at £49.99, but internet users quickly noticed that the oven had dropped in price by a whopping £46.

Shoppers rushed to Amazon to bag themselves a bargain, but are now fearing that what they thought was a price glitch could actually be the latest phishing scam.

Now, the air fryer situation has become one of the month’s biggest viral memes. Here are some of the funniest ones…


21 hilarious Air Fryer Memes

Me waiting for my £3.99 air fryer.

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

When Amazon cancelled my order.

Are you wearing the £4 air fryer? Yeah, I am.

This is what it will look like.

Me after my cheap air fryer blows up in my face.

This is taking over the timeline.

Patiently waiting for my air fryer to dispatch.

The scenes when everyone’s orders are cancelled.

Me unboxing my air fryer.

This is how small it will be.

Coming back to check on my meal after using the £3.99 air fryer.

Live footage of me reselling it for £50.

Everyone’s feeling pretty smug right now.

When you get the £3.99 air fryer and wake up at a Popsmoke concert.

First day using the cheap air fryer.

How many did everyone buy?

I was making moves.

This guy would be proud.

When you still haven’t got a cancellation email.

Not happy right now.

After my air fryer burned the entire block down.

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