Ongoing for the best part of 15 years, police have now named a suspect in the 2006 murder of Bryan Pata. The alleged shooter, Jones, and victim, Pata, shared the same ex-girlfriend: Jada Brody.

Pata was reportedly a senior and 22 years old at the time. 

What happened in 2006?

In what has been described as “one of South Florida’s most infamous unsolved killings”, 22-year-old Bryan Pata was shot in 2006. There were no witnesses.

Pata was reportedly killed outside his apartment building in Kendall, Florida.

Over a decade later, an arrest has now been made in relation to the murder.

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Who is Jada Brody?

Jada Brody was the former girlfriend of both the victim, Bryan Pata, and the alleged shooter, Rashaun Jones.

Pata and Jones had previously fought over Brody, twice getting into fistfights over the relationship. It has also been reported that Pata often teased and taunted Jones in relation to his love affair with Jada.

ABC News reports that Brody was cooperative with police at the time of the shooting, but “expressed irritation” when asked to return for questioning months later. The same source also states that, before releasing a 2020 story, ESPN tried to contact Brody for more than two years via phone, text message, social media. Jada Brody allegedly never agreed to do an interview.

Since the murder, Jada Brody has kept her life relatively under wraps.

Alleged Miami shooter arrested by police

Police said that they had arrested 35-year-old former Miami Hurricanes defensive back, Rashaun Jones.

Jones was reportedly charged with first-degree murder and will be extradited to Miami-Dade County to await trial.

Alfredo Ramirez, Miami-Dade Police Director, tweeted: “For nearly 15 years, our homicide investigators have relentlessly searched for the murderer of Bryan Pata.”

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