Another video from a school board meeting has gone viral with outlandish and unproven claims about the Covid-19 vaccine making the rounds on social media.

Just last week, Indiana Doctor Dan Stock took over the internet when he gave his opinion about the vaccine at the Mount Vernon School Board.

Now, Sean Brooks’ unproven claims have had thousands of views on Twitter after he spoke at an Ohio School Board Meeting this week.

So who is this now the internet-famous man claiming that he is a ‘doctor’?

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Who is Sean Brooks?

In the video, Sean Brooks claims that he is a doctor with a PHD from Oxford, although he hesitates before exactly stating the university name from which he graduated (there is more than one in Oxford).

He also claims that he has 48 publications, including 23 books and has studied health medicine, anatomy, and physiology for approximately 21 years.

Despite these claims, there appears to be very little information about Sean online and there are no proven records of him working in the field of medicine as a doctor.

Reports are claiming that Sean does have a PHD but works in the field of education and is therefore not a working medical doctor at all. While someone with a PHD is given the title of ‘doctor’ this does not automatically tie with being a doctor in a medical profession. You could be a doctor in Civil Law, Literature or even Music, for instance.

Just ask Dr.Dre.

Adding to this, a man with the name Sean Brooks discussed education on the Quite Frankly podcast. And, if you skip to 38 minutes, you can see that he closely resembles the man in the Ohio School Board Meeting video.

On Amazon, there is also Sean M Brooks who has published a number of books about education but nothing of a medical nature.

Dr. Sean Brooks discusses Covid vaccine at Ohio School Board Meeting

He mentioned Dr. Robert Malone

In Sean’s speech, he quoted a doctor called Robert Malone, who Sean claimed created the messenger RNA [mRNA] vaccine.

Robert Wallace Malone is an American virologist and immunologist who has been heavily criticized throughout the pandemic for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

Likewise, Robert Malone did not invent the messenger RNA [mRNA] vaccine as stated by Sean in the video. As confirmed by Robert himself to fact-checking website Logically, Robert simply works within the “vaccine technology platforms“.

This vaccine creation is widely credit to medical professionals Katalin Kariko and Derrick Rossi.

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