A popular tourist destination has recently been stamped as a ‘COVID hotspot’, worrying the public as they travel for summer vacations. So, where is Redneck Riviera?

Health officials have reportedly explained why the area is riddled with COVID-19 cases.

Where is Redneck Riviera?

‘Redneck Riviera’ is a popular tourist destination, stretched along the northern Gulf Coast in the U.S.A.

The Gulf Coast is the meeting point between Southern United States and the Gulf of Mexico.

The area is jam-packed with bars, restaurants and beaches – usually the ideal place for a quick summer getaway.

Although in 2021, it might not be your first choice for a vacation, given that it’s now being described as a hot spot for the virus.

What do health officials say?

Reportedly, health officials have offered an explanation as to why Covid cases seem to be on the rise in Redneck Riviera.

As per The Los Angeles Times, health officials put the covid spike down to “unabated tourism, a disregard for basic health precautions and the region’s carefree lifestyle.”

The area also supposedly has one of the nation’s lowest vaccination rates.

It doesn’t seem to be stopping locals and tourists from going about their vacation, though. The LA Times reports that ‘The National Shrimp Festival’ is still set to run in October, despite the virus spike. The festival usually welcomes up to 250,000 people.

Redneck Riviera trends on Twitter

As it came to light that Redneck Riviera is now a hot spot for the virus, the area soon dominated talk on social media.

Even some locals got in on the topic.

One person tweeted: “So, I’m wondering if America’s “Redneck Riviera” is anything like the French Riviera?!”

Somebody else wrote: “Redneck Riviera is on the list of vacation places to avoid during a pandemic..”

We hope that the number of cases can be controlled soon.

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