ITV has been one of the best sources for drama series in recent years and when there isn’t a new story gracing our screens, we’re usually treated to a gem of the past.

Undeniable is one such series as the Claire Goose-starring drama returned to ITV several years after its original broadcast.

But following episode 1’s arrival on August 18th, fans have been left asking when Undeniable episode 2 is airing and if the series will be on ITV Hub.

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Undeniable is back on ITV

First shown in April 2014, Undeniable returned to ITV on August 18th, 2021 for a long-awaited repeat showing.

Starring Claire Goose and Peter Firth, Undeniable tells the story of Jane Phillips, who 23 years ago saw a man brutally kill her own mother.

Since then, Jane has grown into a reasonably well-adjusted wife and mother but while visiting the hospital for a routine check-up she comes across a doctor, Andrew Rawlins, who she believes is her mother’s killer.

The only trouble is, nobody believes her story.


When is episode 2 on ITV?

  • Episode 2 of Undeniable will air on ITV at 9pm on Wednesday, August 25th.

That’s right, the next episode of the Undeniable will air one week after episode 1, similar to Lucan which was also repeated on ITV recently.

After episode 1 ended with Jane’s case being dismissed over a lack of evidence, she is still convinced that Andrew is her mother’s killer.

In episode 2, Jane goes in search of a fresh lead as a nurse who once worked with Andrew claims that he might not be as innocent as the police believe.


Is the series on ITV Hub?

  • Undeniable is available on ITV Hub for catch-up but the whole series has not been added to the site in one go.

Instead, fans will have to wait until August 25th to delve into the next chapter.

However, it won’t be long until the mystery of Undeniable is all wrapped up as the series is only two episodes long, meaning the upcoming second episode is also the finale.

If you’re planning on watching Undeniable via ITV Hub, programmes usually leave the site 30 days following their original broadcast so you should have until late September in order to watch.


Undeniable concludes on ITV on Wednesday, August 25th while the first episode is available to stream now on ITV Hub.