Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers has become a hot topic of discussion on social media thanks to its brilliant ensemble cast. Among everything that has been talked about, it’s Samara Weaving’s teeth that have garnered the most attention. We’re here to tell you all about it! 

Samara is seen as Jessica Chandler in the latest series. She plays the role of an influencer and fans can’t get enough of the Australian actress! 

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Samara Weaving teeth: Real or fake?

One could easily tell by looking at Samara that her appearance in the show is far from her natural look. The actress has gone through a drastic transformation for her role as an influencer. 

Samara, who usually carries a blonde look, is seen sporting a darker shade of hair in the Hulu series. Her face appears to be more chiseled and her eyebrows seem to be lifted. 

However, what stood out amongst all the features were her teeth, which looked whiter than usual. Several fans were quick to assume that the actress was given “new teeth” or got a veneer to suit the role. 

Samara was asked about the same in an interview with Digital Spy and she admitted that she carried fake teeth throughout the series. 

“I had wire pulling my face up to help give me that face lift kind of look, and fake teeth. And the makeup team did an incredible job. [Makeup artist] Sian Howard really gave my lips that puffy look,” she said. 

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Fans react with hilarious memes 

Fans rushed to Twitter to enquire about Samara’s teeth. Many were curious to know what was done on the actress that made her look so different. 

While some established her teeth were fake, others resorted to circulating memes on the social media platform. 

One tweeted: “absolutely no one: samara weaving in nine perfect strangers”

Another wrote: “*runs to twitter to see what people are saying about samara weaving’s fake teeth in nine perfect strangers*”

“Me eating samara weaving’s fake teeth#NinePerfectStrangers,” wrote another.

Cast members couldn’t recognize the actor

The viewers’ reaction towards Samara’s transformation doesn’t come as a surprise considering what the cast of Nine Perfect Strangers had to say about her new look.

In the same interview, the actress said her co-star, Regina Hall, couldn’t even recognize her. She apparently asked “who’s that?” on seeing Samara as Jessica.

“No one recognised me. My phone wouldn’t open when it saw my face. Everyone’s reaction and their behaviour shifted based on how I looked, even though they knew I wasn’t Jessica,” Samara said.

Nine Perfect Strangers | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Nine Perfect Strangers | Official Trailer | Prime Video

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