Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story anthology spinoff American Horror Stories is winding down to make way for the arrival of the former’s tenth season.

The spinoff has presented a new horror story each week for fans to sink their teeth into, welcoming a roster of fresh faces and returning characters from the show’s predecessor. Various familiar actors, including Billie Lourd, Dylan McDermott and Naomi Grossman, have all appeared in cameo roles and the spinoff’s second season promises the arrival of more AHS alums.

American Horror Story: Double Feature | Season 10: Title Reveal

American Horror Story: Double Feature | Season 10: Title Reveal

How Many Episodes in American Horror Stories? Will There Be an Episode 8?

  • American Horror Stories has seven episodes in its first season.

The spinoff show debuted on July 15, 2021, premiering with two episodes before settling into one episode per week.

The seventh episode, titled ‘Game Over’, aired August 19, 2021 and it was scheduled as the season finale.

This means that the show will not be returning for episode 8 next week. The second season of American Horror Stories was renewed on August 13, 2021 ahead of its finale. Season 2 is expected to air sometime next year.

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American Horror Story Season 10

In its place, American Horror Story season 10 will be airing on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 on FX, titled ‘Double Feature.’

The anthology spinoff was timed to end just before the new season of American Horror Story began. The spinoff aired on Hulu, however, the original show will return to FX for its tenth season and the new premise is the show’s most intriguing yet.

Murphy confirmed that the series will be split into two “horrifying” stories: One set by the sea and one by the sand. Fans believe that it will feature ‘The Black Fish’ from Provincetown, hinted at by some teaser images. There has also been a strong suggestion that the story will involve aliens and nautical creatures in a crossover.


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