Over the past few years, TikTok has become a hot spot for discovering and sharing new songs, as each week a new tune goes viral on the video sharing platform.

The latest song to sweep through the app like wildfire is known as the “yo no se cual fue la razon” song, though the actual title is Jugaste y Sufrí.

The song has over 35 thousand videos under it on TikTok, which have racked up millions of likes.

What is the “Yo no se cual fue la razon” TikTok song called?

The song you may recognise from TikTok as the “yo no se cual fue la razon” song is actually called Jugaste y Sufrí by Eslabon Armado.

Eslabon Armado are a California based group whose name translates to “linked chain.” Their 2020 debut album, Tu Veneno Mortal, reached number one on the Mexican Regional Albums chart and the Top Latin albums list.

When asked what he enjoys most about the process of creating music, frontman Pedro Tovar told Billboard:

“Creating a good melody. That’s the most important part to me. The lyrics are the easiest part of the process. So, if I can come up with a good melody, then I will automatically enjoy the process.”


found the lyrics to this shit and that mf actually depressing 😭

♬ Jugaste y Sufrí – Eslabon Armado

“Yo no se cual fue la razon” TikTok song lyrics explained

The lyrics you will have heard on TikTok form the bridge of the song, which reads in full:

Te llamo para confirmar pero tú no quieres contestar, tú me matas
Yo no se cual fue la razón si yo te estaba dando todo mi amor, estoy destrozado

This translates into English as:

I call you to confirm but you do not want to answer, you kill me
I do not know what the reason was if I was giving you all my love, I am destroyed

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