A lice removal specialist, who is known online as Rach, has gone viral on TikTok after posting a video of a young teen girl infested with head lice.

Rach explained to viewers that the lice had “taken control” of the young girl’s head, which resulted in a long removal process.

Fans were eager for an update, and Rach delivered a follow up video, telling fans how “satisfying” it was to see the girl happy and smiling after the lice were removed.

Teen girl infested with head lice goes viral

Rach uploaded the video of the teen girl’s lice and the removal process onto her TikTok account, and it gathered over 55 million views.

She began by explaining to her followers:

“Sometimes we actually do shave people’s hair but I didn’t want to shave this lovely girl’s hair, she’s thirteen and had gorgeous long hair, I didn’t want to take that away from her.”

The girl’s head is overrun with lice, and you can see them falling in her jacket, and across her arms and legs. As Rach puts it: “They were literally everywhere.”

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Rach showed the lice attacking the girl’s face, stating: “There is no more space in her hair so they were falling onto her face and drinking blood out of her face.”

“It was a really painful process for her but she was such a superstar.”

Lice removal expert shares update on infestation

After receiving over 6 million likes on her original video, Rach returned to provide fans with a highly requested update video on how the girl is doing now.

She said: “Today, look how much better it is! She’s still got a few bite marks on there but they’re healing.”

Rach continued on to say: “I know you guys were really interested in helping kids in a similar situation to this who can’t afford the treatments so I paired up with a local foster home.”

Rach will be selling lice PopIts, and every time she sells 100, she will be giving a child in foster care a free treatment.

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