Nicole Kidman stars in Hulu’s newest mini-series Nine Perfect Strangers, which dropped on August 18, 2021. The suspicious character of Masha has gotten viewers addicted already, so can we expect a renewal?

HBO’s mini-series The White Lotus concluded on August 15, 2021, so now it’s time for Hulu to respond with their take.

Both series follow the experiences of a group of people who visit a resort and unintentionally discover dark secrets, and while The White Lotus is simply for a vacation, the nine strangers who sign up for the upscale Tranquillum House in the Hulu series seek to heal their inner troubles.

Starring Nicole Kidman as Masha in her third mini-series collaboration with director David E. Kelley (The Undoing and Big Little Lies), she sports long pale blonde locks; paired with her fair skin and all-white outfit, Nicole should be the ultimate representation for everything pure.

Obviously she’s the opposite because dramas love some irony and symbolism.

With only eight episodes, will it be possible to fit all of Masha’s upcoming crafty schemes or will there be another season?

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Will there be season 2?

  • There has been no news of a follow up at the time of writing. Nine Perfect Strangers is based on a single novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, so depending on how rapidly the series progresses through the storyline, the creators may have only adapted half the book and left the remaining for a season 2.

Liane’s previous book Big Little Lies was adapted into a mini-series by HBO 2017 and it was originally billed to be only seven episodes long.

After receiving several Emmy awards, HBO renewed a second season with Liane writing a new novella for it.

So, Nine Perfect Strangers season 2 isn’t completely off the table; it will depend on the audience reception and whether it’ll be critically acclaimed.

Nine Perfect Strangers | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Nine Perfect Strangers | Official Trailer | Prime Video

When is the finale?

For viewers outside of the US, the finale will air on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, September 24, 2021 at 8am GMT.

Weekly episodes will be released for international audiences on Amazon two days after it has aired on Hulu.

Nine Perfect Strangers — “Earth Day” – Episode 103 — Forced to live “off of the land” on Earth Day, tension within the group erupts as treatment intensifies and hunger pains set in. Masha (Nicole Kidman), shown. (Photo by: Vince Valitutti/Hulu)

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