Since it first arrived on our screens in 1963, General Hospital has seen countless characters come and go and it’s always a huge talking point when someone leaves or a new face appears.

This week’s batch of episodes, starting on August 16th, has seen Ava being stalked by a mysterious new nurse in Port Charles and in August 17th’s episode, there was a huge twist to the tale as Ava found a name tag belonging to her dead daughter, Lauren ‘Kiki’ Jerome.

The reveal has shocked fans and left many asking if Kiki could actually be alive and whether the new General Hospital nurse could be the returning character.


Recap: General Hospital’s new nurse

During Monday’s episode (August 16th), fans were introduced to a mysterious nurse who was seen eavesdropping on Ava Jerome, who suspected that the recently returned Spencer was her stalker.

In Tuesday’s episode, the mysterious nurse (played by Avery Kristen Pohl) reappeared once again and had her eyes on Ava for much of her conversation with Portia Robinson, smirking as Ava heading to the parking garage.

Matters took a dramatic twist when Ava discovered that her car had been set on fire and one of the attending firemen had retrieved a name tag belonging to Lauren ‘Kiki’ Jerome, Ava’s dead daughter.


Is Kiki alive on General Hospital?

  • Kiki Jerome was stabbed and killed by Ryan Chamberlain in November 2018.

Ryan killed Kiki after the latter began a relationship with Griffin Munro.

Kiki’s mother, Ava, had previously been in a relationship with Griffin herself and so was extremely jealous of the prospect of Kiki’s relationship.

In response, Ryan – who was going by the name of Kevin at the time – snuck into Kiki’s room on the eve of Curtis and Jordan’s wedding and killed her, planting the weapon in order to blame Griffin in the process.

After finding her daughter’s name tag in the recent batch of episodes in 2021, Ava suspects that Ryan may have something to do with her recent torment.

However, this being a soap, characters often don’t stay dead forever and so this new nurse could potentially be a returning and recast Kiki who has come to take revenge on Ava for siding with Ryan after she had supposedly been killed.

Whether this shocking twist proves to be the case, remains to be seen.

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Fans speculate the nurse’s identity

It’s safe to say that his mysterious new nurse has gotten fans of General Hospital talking with many talking to social media to offer up their thoughts and theories.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Who is that nurse smirking as Ava passed her? New character? Recasted familiar face? #gh #dundundun

While another added: “Who is this damn nurse? Kiki with a new face? Ryan’s groupie/daughter?”

This fan suspected that Victor Cassadine has something to do with the new arrival: “So is this new nurse Kiki?? Maybe Victor Cassadine dug her up and revitalized her, gave her new face and brainwashed her? And now they’re both stalking Ava?”

And finally, this fan has come up with an ingenious temporary name for the new arrival:

General Hospital continues on weekdays on ABC.

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