How old is Dana Perino’s husband? Age difference intrigues Fox News viewers

Amber Peake

Dana Perino is known to Fox News viewers from shows including America’s Newsroom and The Five. While she’s known on-screen, some are curious to know how old the Fox News anchor and host’s husband is. We reveal Dana Perino and husband Peter McMahon’s age difference.

Who is Dana Perino?

Dana Perino is best known as the former White House press secretary who served under the presidency of George W Bush.

She has become familiar to many as a political commentator and is currently an anchor on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom and co-host on talk show The Five.

Perino is also an author and has had three books published. Her latest book, Everything Will Be Okay: Life Lessons For Young Women (From A Former Young Woman), was published in March this year.

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Scenes from a Marriage | Official Trailer | HBO

How old is Dana Perino?

The America’s Newsroom anchor is 49 years old and celebrated her birthday this year in May.

At the time she shared a post with her 553,000 followers on Instagram as she gushed about the surprise party her friends and family had organised.

While sharing some snaps from her party, Perino wrote: “A big thank you to @mcmahon8919 who pulled off an amazing surprise for my bday and Mother’s Day with a visit from @janbirdie – best weekend in a very long time! Of course, Jasper stole the show!”

What is Dana Perino and her husband Peter McMahon’s age difference?

Dana Perino’s husband Peter McMahon, a businessman from Blackpool, England, is 67 years old.

When the couple first met, Perino was 25 while McMahon was 43, meaning they have an age difference of 18 years.

Fox News anchor’s relationship explored

Dana Perino and her husband Peter McMahon first crossed paths in 1997 while on an aircraft.

The anchor celebrated the moment they met last year in a post on her Instagram as she revealed it had been 23 years. At the time, Perino captioned the post: “Met on an airplane 23 years ago today.”

After their first exchange, they got married 11 months later in a small ceremony in 1998. The couple are set to celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary next month.