GoldLink has not come out with any new album or song lately, but the rapper has been trending on Twitter. Hip Hop fans have been talking about the time when he was ‘cancelled’ in 2019, because of an Instagram post he made about Mac Miller.

On Tuesday, August 17, a Twitter user named 8/24 tweeted: “Cancel culture isn’t real unless your name is Daniel Caesar or Goldlink lmaooo. They got them n**ros outta here.”

Surprisingly, despite the account not having a lot of followers, the tweet caught the attention of many users. Most of them weren’t even aware that GoldLink was ‘cancelled’ in the first place.

What did GoldLink say to get ‘cancelled’

Many might be shocked to know that the Crew singer was ‘cancelled’ because of an Instagram post he made about Mac Miller, which was supposed to be a tribute to the rapper after his death.

Mac passed away in 2018 at the young age of 26.

GoldLink’s Instagram post features three pictures, the first of which is a portrait of the late artist. The other two are moments that the two rappers shared together as friends.

Despite the heartwarming pictures, it was the elaborate caption that ruffled many feathers.

The God Complex rapper started his letter to Mac saying: “I’d be lying if I said I was surprised to hear that you died on us. Not because you were necessarily troubled, but because you were special and because of that, you were troubled.

“I always thought you drove yourself insane about your own music. So much that, you would adopt styles as homage to those around you that you loved. That’s where our problem started. Divine Feminine was an actual blueprint of “and after that we didn’t talk”. 

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Fans felt that the 28-year-old DMV rapper was claiming that Mac’s 2016 album, The Divine Feminine, was copied or at least made under the influence of his own music. Despite being rebuked by fans and fellow rapper Anderson Paak, GoldLink stuck to his words and did not delete the post.

Anderson Paak’s response explored

Anderson, whose name was mentioned multiple times in the post’s caption, was quick to respond. In a since-deleted Instagram post, the rapper deemed GoldLink’s words as “disrespectful, narcissistic, jealous” and “grossly unnecessary.”

In his post, the Leave The Door Open singer wrote, “You ain’t the first to make an album inspired by a relationship, you ain’t the first to make
a song featuring Anderson Paak but you are the first to disrespect
my friend who is no longer here for absolutely no reason and I can’t
stand for that.”

Fans react to artist’s 2019 post about Mac Miller

Fast forward two years, fans have a different take on the whole issue now, with many finding the reason for GoldLink being ‘cancelled’ as petty.

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