BTS ARMY has demanded an apology from Dominican radio show, Esto No Es Radio, after the hosts made ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’ comments towards the Bangtan Boys. The radio show went to the extremes of ridiculing the Grammy-nominated music group for their popularity by calling them the ‘Chinese Backstreet Boys.’

BTS ARMY has always been vocal about the blatant racism that the group has faced since they started making a global impact. This time, the fandom pointed out how the radio hosts tried to invalidate the monumental success of the South Korean group by calling their music – young girls’ ‘religion.’

The radio show hosts didn’t just stop there. After ridiculing their popularity, they also made problematic comments on how they look.

BTS ARMY slams Dominican Radio show for making ‘racist’ comment towards Bangtan Boys (BTS Official Twitter)

Dominican Radio show Esto No Es Radio under fire for making racist comments towards BTS

One of the Dominican radio hosts claimed: “They are like of that part of the world, but they make surgery on themselves to look like North American but mixed with Asian!” Another host added: “They are Chinese grafts.”

They went on to talk about how popular Korean music has become thanks to BTS and how young girls spend a significant amount of time going ‘crazy’ over them.

The hosts also discussed the case of Kris Wu, a former idol, who was recently arrested on assault charges.

BTS ARMY demands an apology from Dominican radio show

The radio show hosts are facing the wrath of the BTS ARMY since the clip surfaced online. Fans talked about BTS’ impact as the global icon who urged the youth to speak against discrimination and love themselves unconditionally.

An outraged BTS ARMY said: “Our idols teach us to always love and respect EVERYONE. Hope people will stop with racist remarks one day. Now, we can’t teach grown-up people to act decent, can we? WE DEMAND AN APOLOGY.”

Another tweeted: “How in this freaking 21st-century world, misgendering, misogyny, racism, xenophobia is getting broadcasted and promoted..! WE DEMAND AN APOLOGY.”

“The fact that they’re hired as Radio hosts is just ridiculous, and didn’t they even thought twice b4 broadcasting it? These platforms should b used to spread positivity and awareness, Not Xenophobia WE DEMAND AN APOLOGY,” said another fan.

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