Chesapeake Shores’ star Jesse Metcalfe is confirmed to be leaving the Hallmark show after five seasons. So with his departure, what will happen to the rollercoaster relationship with his love interest Abby?

Back in March 2021, Deadline reported that Jesse Metcalfe would be exiting the show in the early episodes of season 5, which was a shock to all including the staff and fans.

Executive producer Phoef Sutton explained that the actor’s news threw “a monkey wrench” into their production schedule but they simply had to continue.

When Jesse announced the season 5 wrap on his social media, he was flooded with disappointed fans begging for his return since the show would no longer be the same without its leading man.

Will there be a replacement for Trace and what will happen to Abby now that her love interest is permanently gone?

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Jesse Metcalfe explains his departure

There is no bad blood between Jesse and the network; Hallmark stated, “Jesse is a valued member of the Crown Media family; we look forward to continuing to work with him on projects”.

Similarly, the the heartthrob cleared the air when fans questioned whether he had annoyed the network to get kicked off: “I sure hope not. It was a great run on Chesapeake Shores and I’m so grateful to Hallmark for the opportunity!”

Although he’ll no longer be with the O’Brien’s, you’ll still catch him on Hallmark original creations such as film series Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries. The latest installment was Poisoned in Paradise: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery in May 2021 and the network confirmed to be in development of the next.

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One fan questioned whether the Trace and Abby were ever going to get together and whether Jesse was uninterested in seeing a happy ending for his character. Rest assured, the ‘John Tuck Must Die’ actor confirmed that he also wanted Trabby to be an item, ““I definitely wanted our characters to end up together! #trabby”.

Trace’s departure will be seen in the first two episodes of the season, where the premiere takes place a couple months after he leaves town. We see a series of flashbacks where Abby confirms the break-up,

“I think it’s over, and we both know it … maybe we’re both more in love with our memories than the person standing in front of us.” 

Why must he leave so early on? At least make it to mid-season!

Despite this, Phoef did say that there’s no reason that Trace couldn’t return, but judging from Jesse’s comments, it looks unlikely that he’ll be back.

Open Your Eyes | Official trailer | Netflix

Open Your Eyes | Official trailer | Netflix

What will happen to Abby?

Abby’s been on a rollercoaster of emotions ever since she got back to her hometown. After they reunited at the end of season one and in season 2, fans thought they were going to remain permanent until Abby didn’t want Trace to sacrifice his music career for her.

By the season four finale, the couple share a kiss when she finds him singing on the beach but as we already know, that was the end of Trabby.

Trace’s exit welcomes the arrival of Abby’s next possible love interest Evan McKenzie, portrayed by Robert Buckley,  a rich and successful entrepreneur who brings a new development project into town.

From the latest sneak peek, we know that Abby hates Evan, but if its anything like the usual drama storylines, the couple who starts off hating each other will end up together.

We predict that we’ll see the new pair together by the end of the season and since Evan’s business will keep him in Maryland, there won’t be a repeat of what happened with Trace.

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