One type of video that never fails to rile up TikTok users is ‘Karen’ clips.

There’s something about seeing women cause a scene over the most minor inconveniences that people find oh-so-entertaining, and the videos often get millions of views.

Just last month, a video took over the internet that saw a woman dubbed ‘Victoria’s Secret Karen’ going crazy in the underwear store.

Now, there’s a new ‘Karen’ video going viral, and it’s had a lot of backlash on TikTok.

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

Who is Lissettepma?

Lisette is a TikTok user who goes by the username @lissettepma on the platform.

She has 16,000 followers and often shares videos about fitness and her gym workouts.

This week, she’s gone viral after posting a video detailing a recent inconvenience in a public gym, but she’s been slammed by TikTok users.

Video by @lisettepma on TikTok

Lissette’s gym rant goes viral on TikTok

Lissette recently took to TikTok to post a video in which she moaned about her experience after joining a new gym.

“Started a new gym today only to find out people don’t have gym etiquette,” she wrote whilst exercising.

She then explained that a woman had walked across her video, writing:

“Here I was recording by leg stretch session for the past 15 min and this lady chose to squeeze between a narrow space and walk across my video, despite having a bigger space to walk through on the other side.”

You then see the woman walk past the front of the camera, and Lissette looks at her with disgust.

“The space between me and my phone is not that wide and it was obviously set up on a bright pink hydroflask,” she added before showing that a second guy walked in front of her camera too.

“And here comes this guy who walked around but then chose to walk in front even though he already saw me recording,” she said.


Few things annoy me and this would be one of them #fypシ #TeamUSAtryout #stretch

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She’s been nicknamed ‘Gym Karen’

She was presumedly expecting to gain support and agreement from TikTok users, but the reaction has been completely opposite.

Lisette has been nicknamed ‘Gym Karen’ as people disagree with her rant and claim that they didn’t do anything wrong as she is in a public gym.

“Girl it’s a public gym?” one person commented whilst another added: “It’s a gym NOT a filming studio.”

A third person said: “They probably didn’t actually notice you were recording, but also maybe they just didn’t care. Humble yourself.”

“The worst part is she posted this video in good faith thinking people would agree with her, a true Karen,” said another.

Another commenter even quotes a famous Keeping Up With The Kardashians line, writing: “Kim there’s people that are dying.”

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