The trailer of the new Star Wars anime series has been released and to say that it’s looking good, it’s an understatement.

Premiering on September 22nd on Disney+, the latest series of Star Wars reimagines a galaxy far, far away featuring seven visionary Japanese anime styles.

This blend of Japanese anime and Star Wars has confused fans, who are now wondering whether Star Wars: Visions is canon or not.

Is Star Wars: Visions canon?

Star Wars: Visions | English Dub Trailer | Disney+

Star Wars: Visions | English Dub Trailer | Disney+

According to Game Revolution, Star Wars: Visions will most likely be considered canon by Lucasfilm when it launches.

That is because the studio has previously stated that all Star Wars projects produced since the Disney takeover are and will be canon, including all novels and video games.

Apart from this statement of the film company Lucasfilm, and the fact that the series hasn’t been titled “non-canon,” well-known characters from previous Star War series appear on the trailer of Visions, hinting that the series is actually canon.

Boba Fett, a Star Wars character that hasn’t appeared since The Mandalorian, is featured in the trailer of Star Wars: Visions, reassuring fans that the series is about the now well-known galaxy far, far away.

Fans react to Japanese anime-themed Star Wars series

The seven visionary Japanese anime styles featured in Star Wars: Vision alongside its cast of voice actors and the epic trailer that dropped on August 17th 2021 have made fans impatient for September 22nd to arrive.

The cast of the English Dub includes Simu Liu, Henry Golding, Jamie Chung, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lucy Liu, Temuera Morrison, Karen Fukuhara and more!

Taking over Twitter to share their reactions, one wrote: “Visions is about to be the most visually stunning piece of Star Wars media we’ve ever had,” while another one tweeted: “Star Wars: Visions is about to be the sickest thing to happen to this franchise.”

Here are a few more reactions to Star Wars: Visions after the release of the official trailer on Star Wars’ YouTube channel.

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