On August 16, the death of Pivot Gang member, SqueakPIVOT, was confirmed. Since then, fans have been paying tribute to the rapper on Twitter.

Over the years, Pivot Gang has become famous in the music industry and SqueakPIVOT was no stranger to the fans. He often made sure to interact with his followers on social media, while frequently sharing some positive thoughts on the platform.

Ever since his death was confirmed, fans have been looking back at some of the memories they have of the late rapper.

Who was SqueakPIVOT?

SqueakPIVOT was one of the members of the Pivot Gang. The group consists of five other people – Saba, Joseph Chilliams, Frsh Waters, MFnMelo, and DaeDae.

On the gang’s official website, SqueakPIVOT reveals he is a painter. At the same time, he proudly stated that he taught himself how to do a backflip. Apart from having a creative mind, the rapper’s bio also noted that he was a Rutabaga connoisseur.

To add to this, he also acted as the group’s in-house producer and their official concert DJ. Unlike others, SqueakPIVOT wasn’t too active on Instagram. He has about 6000 followers and had made only six posts. The last picture he shared with his fans was in June.

However, he was fairly active on Twitter, where he has more than 4000 followers.

How did the rapper die?

As per The Tribe, the rapper died in a shooting. He is survived by his daughter Zhuri and his brother Frsh Waters.

At the time of writing, the group has not released an official statement about the rapper’s death. SqueakPIVOT’s brother is yet addressed the fans either.

Fans pay tribute on Twitter

SqueakPIVOT’s demise has shaken Pivot Gang fans. Many of them expressed their sadness on Twitter, while others posted tribute messages on the rapper’s social media page.

One user wrote: “Rip @squeakPIVOT You were such an amazing person I’m so glad for the times I got to spend with you.”

Another added: “Rest In Peace to SqueakPivot, an incredible Chicago producer. I literally just saw him play hideout with mfnmelo just last week. Prayers for his loved ones.”

“RIP @squeakPIVOT never got to meet brodie but loved the work and rep he helped build for the city. This s**t gotta end man. I send love and prayers to his family,” read another comment.

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