On August 16, the Criterion Collection revealed the poster for the upcoming 4K Blu-ray version of Citizen Kane, leading to hilarious memes on Twitter.

Citizen Kane is considered to be one of the best movies ever made. Keeping this in mind, it was no surprise that there were many who were waiting for the 4K Ultra HD version to drop.

However, the minimalist poster that was released was not what the fans were expecting. Unsurprisingly, Twitter users did not take long to roast it.

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When did Citizen Kane first release?

Citizen Kane was first released in 1941. IMDb describes the plot as: “Following the death of publishing tycoon Charles Foster Kane, reporters scramble to uncover the meaning of his final utterance; ‘Rosebud’.”

At the same time, the outlet also notes it to be one of the “top-rated movies.” Even though the film graced the cinemas seven decades ago, there are people who admire its cinematography and storyline even today.

While people are looking forward to the 4K version, some cannot stop talking about the Criterion’s poster.

Memes on Criterion’s poster flood Twitter

Social media is known for coming up with hilarious memes and it did not take long for users to do the same with Citizen Kane‘s poster. Here are some of the best ones shared so far.

Other titles coming under the Criterion collection

On August 16, the Criterion collection revealed the titles that are set to come out in November. The most awaited one, predictably, is Citizen Kane. Apart from this, fans can also look forward to Once Upon a Time in China, Mullholland Dr., Menace II Society, and La Strada.

Click here to learn more about November 2021’s Criterion Collection.

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