On Sunday, August 15, Keemstar took to his social media and announced that Trisha Paytas has come on as a guest on his Mom’s Basement podcast.

The Insta post came merely days after Trisha and Keemstar were involved in a very intense internet feud.

The drama between the YouTubers started after Trisha made a YouTube video slamming the Drama Alert host, 39, for dating a girl almost half his age. As you’d expect, many fans had their say about the situation, but nobody expected Keemstar to do what he has just done.

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Trisha Paytas’ appearance on Keemstar’s podcast explored

Keemstar posted a snap featuring himself, Trisha and his co-host Faze Banks. The trio was seated in front of the neon wall calligraphy that read Mom’s Basement, the name of Banks and Keemstar’s podcast.

The Drama Alert host captioned the picture saying: “Trisha is my homie now, Ethan Big Mad!”.

That’s a dig aimed at h3h3 podcast host Ethan Klein. The YouTube fandom knows that both Trisha and Keemstar have been at odds with Ethan for a very long time.

Keemstar also posted the picture on Twitter, writing: “Ethan, hit my line let’s do you next!”

Ethan, who owns one of YouTube’s biggest podcast channels, didn’t let Keemstar’s jabs fly. He quickly took to his Twitter to respond to the Drama Alert star’s post.

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Ethan Klein reignites drama with his tweet

Ethan took to Twitter and reposted the image writing: “I’m not even gonna front or try to be funny, this just really makes me sad.”

To add to that, his mom Donna Klein, who regularly appears on the h3h3 podcast, seconded his dig at Keemstar and Trisha writing: “Can’t wait to go to her wedding, not!!!”

Ethan also took to TikTok and posted his reaction to the picture. He was visibly disappointed.


Im not even going to front this just makes me feel horrible #trishapaytas

♬ original sound – Ethan Klein

However, all it took was a tweet and a TikTok from Ethan to make his fandom incessantly slam Trisha for appearing on Keemstar’s Mom’s Basement podcast.

Trisha didn’t hold back either. She took to her TikTok and posted up to 22 videos bashing and calling out Ethan while defending herself. She also had her say on Twitter, defending her decision to appear on Keemstar and Faze Banks’ podcast.

The 33-year-old internet star claimed that she still didn’t like the Drama Alert host, neither was she friends with him. She said that all she wanted to do was have a conversation about their disagreements. Here are some of Trisha’s Tweets about the same.

Twitter reacts to upcoming Mom’s Basement episode

Trisha tried her best to explain but Twitter users weren’t having any of it. Here’s how a few of them reacted

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