Who is Allie Rae? Ex-nurse quits day job for Only Fans and makes $75k each month!

Ella Kipling

Allie Rae is a former Massachusetts nurse who quit her job at the hospital to pursue OnlyFans full time, a decision which she says had “a lot of positives.”

On her OnlyFans platform, Allie describes herself:

“Outside of OnlyFans, I’m just ur average girl next door. I’m a wife, mom & full time ICU nurse who has a naughty little secret.”

While Allie sees a lot of positive in her new OnlyFans job, she does miss nursing, stating: “It’s the purpose that I’ll miss the most…I do miss nursing.” 

Who is Allie Rae?

Allie Rae is a former nurse who is now taking on the world of OnlyFans.

She boasts over 61 thousand followers on Instagram and has 55 thousand likes on OnlyFans, where she charges a $12 a month subscription fee.

Allie spoke to The Daily Beast about her nursing career, and explained:

“I started off in labor and delivery, which is where I always wanted to be. I can say with pure confidence that I was a fantastic NICU nurse.”

Allie Rae explained that it was her Instagram followers who encouraged her to set up an OnlyFans, and by the end of her first month on the platform, she had made $8,000, which surpassed her monthly nursing salary.

Why did Allie Rae leave nursing?

In March 2021, Allie’s coworkers found her OnlyFans page and got the hospital director involved, who reportedly told her to get rid of the account or she could no longer work there.

Eventually, Allie made the decision to leave the hospital, and now reportedly earns around $65,000-75,000 a month from her OnlyFans. Her husband also sometimes gets involved, and Allie described her new job as “us having fun and enjoying ourselves.”

Allie told The Daily Beast:

“I realized that I could spend more time with my kids, make them breakfast every morning, and am there for dinner every night. These were things I could never do as a nurse working 14-hour days. So, there were a lot of positives that came out of it.”