Jordan Beckham took to Instagram to share an emotional tribute for her dad, thanking him for all he has done and wishing that he “enjoys heaven.”

Jordan’s dad has appeared in several videos on her YouTube channel, and the two appear very close as they often joke together online.

Currently, Jordan has not revealed the reason for her father’s death.

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Who is Jordan Beckham’s dad?

Jordan Beckham’s dad is a minister and motivational speaker, and was on the road as an evangelist for a number of years with his wife.

Speaking about his relationship with Jordan, her dad said: “Jordan and I have way more in common than anyone else does in the house.”

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Jordan, who calls herself “a huge daddy’s girl,” has described her dad as a “gentle giant” and “the funniest, coolest guy you’ll ever meet.”

Jordan has spoken about how she takes after her father, and in one video her dad said: “If you look at my pictures and her pictures, she’s me.”

But it turns out they two of them share a similar personality, with Jordan stating: “Me and Dad are not serious like at all… we’re the same person.”

Jordan Beckham shares tribute for her dad

On August 16th, Jordan shared an emotional tribute on her Instagram Story for her dad. The picture shows her holding her dad’s hand, and is captioned:

“Enjoy heaven daddy, I love you so much, thank you for everything.”

Messages from fans have rolled in, with hundreds sharing their condolences with Jordan and her family, as many of her followers grew to know and love her dad.

One fan wrote: “We all grew to love ur dad Jordan. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now but we are all here for you.”

Another said: “Praying for you and your family.”

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