TikTok users have been going wild with the Bamarush and Alabama rush videos after a user named Makayla Culpepper, who goes by the handle ‘What would Jimmy Buffet do’, shared a clip on her platform.

If you have scrolled through TikTok lately, you would have noticed several people talking about joining the rush in a Southern accent. Well, the root cause of this are the students of the University of Alabama, who have been sharing their sorority pledge tryout videos.

Makayla’s viral Alabama Rush TikTok video explored

On August 9, Makayla posted her Old Row video showing what she had prepared for the rush. The clip showcased what the TikTok star was wearing for her philanthropy round. Right from her colorful attire to the earrings she chose, Makayla and her friends detailed their outfits.

The video has received over a million views. Following this, Makayla posted a series of clips where she showed the outfits she wore for different days, including Open House and Preference day.

In fact, after gaining a large number of followers due to her rush videos, Makayla even let them pick an outfit for Sisterhood day. She also created a small snippet of her in it.

With millions of views on each video, Makayla’s TikToks definitely got people hooked to the rush content. At the same time, there are others who hopped on to the platform just to create the same.

What is an Alabama rush?

Alabama rush is the name being given to sorority recruitment done at the University of Alabama. This is usually conducted at the start of the semester.

During the rush week, sisters meet potential candidates who they think would be a perfect fit for their sorority. In the trend, individuals are interested in showing off their outfits on social media while giving a glimpse of the preparation that went into choosing them.

The rush has different events like Sisterhood day, Philanthropy event, Open house and Preference day. Usually, the entire occasion tends to last for a couple of days. At the end of it, women find out if they are selected by a sorority or not.

What is the Bamarush trend?

The Bamarush or the Alabama rush trend has taken over TikTok where some people have now started to make a spoof of the original content.

Some of the most famous TikTok videos show users using Makayla’s audio while recreating the original content. At the moment, the hashtag ‘bamarush’ has clocked a staggering 159.7 million views.

Meanwhile, Alabama rush hashtag has clocked 50.2 million views. Seeing these numbers, there is no doubt that the trend has taken over the platform.

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