On Saturday, August 14, Jake Paul posted a TikTok featuring a list of all the fighters he wanted to face in the ring. The list featured some big names like Conor McGregor and Gervonta Davis. A feud broke out between Jake and Gervonta when the latter replied to his “hit list” with a tweet.

Jake, who is set to face MMA fighter Tyron Woodley in the ring soon, stirred up some drama on Twitter recently. Ahead of his highly anticipated boxing match, the YouTuber turned boxer called out a bunch of other fighters and popular personalities in his latest TikTok.

The full-length video that sees Jake taking a dig at some of these personalities was later released by Showtime Boxing.

Jake Paul’s TikTok video explored

The internet personality is known for being a part of some infamous feuds.

Jake took to TikTok ahead of his fight with MMA star Tyron and posted what he called his “HIT LIST.” The list featured the names of as many as 12 internet stars and fighters whom he wanted to fight with.

He had crossed out the first three names on the list – GIB, Nate Robinson and Ben Askren – who he has already defeated. It further featured names like Tryon Woodley, Canelo, Nate or Nick Diaz, Kamaru Usman, Tommy Fury, Conor McGregor, KSI, Gervonta Davis and even his brother, Logan Paul.

In the full-length Showtime video, Jake proceeds to mock some of the fighters and personalities on the “hit list.” While calling out Kamaru’s name, he says “Kamaru Disney Channel Usman,” taking a dig at the MMA fighter’s recent visit to Disneyworld.

While taking Canelo’s name, he says “scared” and calls Gervonta as “Floyd’s son,” referring to the boxer’s admiration for Floyd Mayweather.

Gervonta was quick to respond to Jake’s jab.

Gervonta Davis replies to the YouTuber on Twitter

After watching Jake’s TikTok and Showtime video, the pro boxer took to Twitter and wrote: “Jake Paul better leave me tf alone..”

However, all it took was one tweet from Gervonta for Jake to unleash on him. Aiming more shots at the WBA fighter, he began making fun of his height and said in a tweet: “You’re just mad you’re not tall enough to ride the rides at the amusement park.”

Making fun of Gervonta’s height, Jake then posted a picture of the fighter, that saw his face morphed onto a child’s body. Tagging Gervonta to the picture, Jake wrote: “Someone has a SHORT temper.”

Jake then took to his Instagram and TikTok to double down on his jabs, reposting and mocking the fighter’s response everywhere.

When is the YouTuber’s next fight?

Jake’s next fight against MMA fighter Tryon Woodley is scheduled for August 29. The fight will take place at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland. Viewers will be able to watch it via Showtime pay-per-view.

Jake, who started his boxing career with his fight against fellow YouTuber Deji, remains undefeated so far. Although his boxing skills have impressed a few fans, the legitimacy of his latest match against MMA star Ben was questioned by many.

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ALL ACCESS: Paul vs. Woodley | Trailer | SHOWTIME

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