On Saturday, August 14, a video of Bryce Hall getting into a fight at TikTok star JRod’s birthday party surfaced online.

Bryce, who turns 22 today (August 14), was at his friend and fellow TikTok creator JRod’s birthday bash two days ago. However, like most social events Bryce attends, the latest one was mired in drama and chaos as well.

The TikTok star ended up getting into a verbal spat with a fellow party-goer and things turned physical very quickly.

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Bryce Hall birthday fight video explored

The clip of the chaotic encounter was captured by many fellow party-goers and released by paparazzi outlet The Hollywood Fix.

In the beginning, we see the self-described party animal Bryce arguing with a man, who was later identified as fashion designer ‘Pretty Boy Larry.’

Soon, the argument intensifies and Larry throws his fist at Bryce. The internet star manages to dodge it and gets even more riled up as he charges straight towards him. Bryce’s friends try their best to restrain him as he tries to land punches on Larry.

We hear the crowd singing Steam’s ‘Na Na Hey Hey’ as the chaos increases.

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While Bryce has not admitted to this yet, Larry claimed in an interview given to The Hollywood Fix that the altercation started over a girl who was also at the party.

He claimed that he was talking to a girl when Bryce came over and said, ‘Bro, this is my girl. My girl, my sister.” Larry claims he was confused if the woman was his sister or girlfriend.

He further claimed that the girl was entering her Instagram details on his phone when Bryce interrupted them.

Fans might already know that Bryce is being linked to fellow TikToker Riley Hubatka for the past few months, but they’ve both denied the link-up rumours.

TikToker explains what happened at JRod’s birthday bash

Bryce took to his Instagram Stories after his fight video from JRod’s birthday party went viral. The 22-year-old star said: “We kinda let everybody and their moms in which resulted in random clout chasers trying to fight me.”

Talking about his own birthday plans, he said: “This time for my birthday party we are gonna have a list. If your name is not on the fu**ing list, don’t bother coming because I have 8 giant a*s security guards enforcing that sh*t.”

Bryce did not delve into the details of his altercation from JRod’s birthday bash.

Fans react to the incident

Fans and internet users had some interesting reactions after the clip of Bryce’s altercation became viral on the internet.

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