You might recognise Guzel Ganieva’s name from recent headlines. So, who is Ganieva? We’re exploring the model’s age and social media.

Who is Guzel Ganieva?

Hailed from Russia, Ganieva is a former model who was reportedly involved with billionaire Leon Black between 2008 and 2015.

Ganieva is currently 38-years-old and doesn’t seem to be modelling anymore.

Ganieva supposedly spent much of her career around the world, including time in the USA. In fact, Guzel first came into contact with Black in New York, during an International Women’s Day event in 2008.

Worth | Official Trailer | Netflix

Worth | Official Trailer | Netflix

Former model’s social media explored

Today, a model is expected to keep a relatively high social media presence, although it was likely a little different in Ganieva’s modelling days.

The former model appears to only have a Twitter account, which she set up in March 2021.

Going by the handle @GuzelGanieva3, Ganieva only has a total of 3 tweets, all from the same day, speaking out about her affiliation with Leon Black.

Other than her quick Twitter stint, Guzel seems to keep things pretty under-wraps when it comes to social media.

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Guzel Ganieva

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Ganieva’s former modelling career

As mentioned prior, Guzel is relatively quiet in terms of her personal life.

Although, she’s been spotted in the last decade at high-profile parties and events, presumably through her modeling career. Back in 2011, Ganieva was pictured at the BLK DNM launch for Deitch.