British TikTok star Lawrence Green is feuding with his friend Zak Jack, and here’s why.

The 30-year-old joined TikTok back in 2020 to give him motivation to shed some pounds.

He began posting his weight loss journey on his profile @lawrencetiktok90, and has since accumulated over three million followers.

The London-native has now lost a whopping eight stone and won over the hearts of people across the world with his positive and down-to-earth nature.

However, he’s been involved in a bout of drama over the past few weeks. Here’s what’s going on…

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

Lawrence TikTok drama explained

The drama begins back in January 2021 when Lawrence befriended fellow TikTok creator Zak Jack and became close with his family.

They began feuding after Zak’s mother contacted a TikTok drama channel called Don’t Hold Back and made a number of negative accusations about him, such as that he was “obsessive and controlling”.

This came after Don’t Hold Back did a live stream calling out TikTok creators for their ‘lazy merch’ which was assumedly about Lawrence. However, Lawrence claims that it was Zak’s family who actually encouraged him to produce his merch.

The allegations against Lawrence then intensified, and he claimed in a video posted yesterday (August 10th) that he was being called a “groomer, abuser, bully and violent man” by Zak’s family.

“His sister and mum have continuously been antagonising me and added fuel to the fire by spreading hate. They’ve been blackmailing me with some pictures,” he added before showing graphic photos from a fight he had with Zak and his family.

Lawrence and Zak Jack addressed the drama

The hate from Zak’s family caused Lawrence and Zak to fall out, and they took to TikTok when the drama first arose to address the situation.

“As you might be aware, there’s been videos and rumours going around about me and Zak by a certain Don’t Hold Back,” Lawrence said in a TikTok video that’s had almost a million views.

“Me and Lawrence have fallen out. You know this through us unfollowing each other and comments. We’re not friends but we just need to address this situation together and clear some rumours,” Zak added.

“People fall out all the time, and you should be entitled to a private life. Me and Zak fell out, we decided no longer to be friends. That’s our choice. What was said on them messages was taken out of context, blown up and used to clout hunt against certain individuals,” Lawrence added.

They agreed to end the drama there, but the feud has escalated even further.

Lawrence claims his sexuality was outed

In the most recent update, Lawrence claimed that his sexuality had been outed.

“Once again, more stuff is coming out from the same family trying to cancel me and bring me down to breaking point. It’s no one else’s place to out someone’s sexuality apart from your own, and at 30-year-old, I’ve kept it to myself all these years,” he said.

Then, he revealed: “I’ve got no choice, I haven’t even had this conversation with my own family. I’m bisexual, there it is. It should never have to come out on TikTok.”

He then claimed that he’s been “tormented for months and months” by Zak’s family and said that he’s “had enough”.

“All I wanted to do was show people my dinner videos and my weight loss journey,” he added before saying he’ll be more careful with who he associates himself with in the future.

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