Over the years, the internet has been flooded with hilarious viral videos.

Charlie bit my finger, Children interrupt BBC News interview and Carl Bismarck are just a few of social media’s most popular videos that have stood the test of time.

Now, there’s a new one to add to the collection, and this one’s bound to go down in history.

Terri LeAnn video

Who is Terri LeAnn?

Last week, Terri LeAnn was just a normal woman from Philadelphia, USA.

Now, she’s internet famous after she was in social media’s viral video.

Here’s what happened…

‘I want you to put me out’ video goes viral

In the video, Terri LeAnn walks up to a neighbour’s house and calmly asks them why they were being rude to her boyfriend.

The neighbour then rudely threatens her, saying: “Don’t answer her stupid question. I promise you that every day I come out here from now on I’m gonna make fun of you.”

He then asks her to get off his property, to which she replies by shouting “I want you to put me out,” which is the hilarious line that everyone is quoting on Twitter.

The argument then gets heated and Terri continuously repeats: “I want you to put me out.”

Eventually, they leave the property, but one member of the group then realises that she lost her ring. So, they return to try and find it but are rudely sprayed with water from the hose by the neighbour.

He’s All That | Addison Rae & Tanner Buchanan | Official Trailer | Netflix

He’s All That | Addison Rae & Tanner Buchanan | Official Trailer | Netflix

The hate must stop

Unfortunately, despite being verbally attacked and sprayed with water by her neighbour, Terri has been flooded with hate.

She has taken to Facebook on multiple occasions to try and shut down the trolls and stop people from making fun of her.

However, the majority of people have found the video utterly hilarious and have been sharing their positive reactions on Twitter.

One person wrote: “I want you to put me out😭 that video will forever be a mood.”

“‘If you think I’m here to play around with you’ and ‘I want you to put me out’ are now part of my daily sayings,” said another.

A third person added: “I just seen the Terri Leann video. I literally was crying laughing😂.”