The Red Dead Online Call to Arms update is now available to play and it tasks posses with surviving a dozen waves of enemies.

Rockstar has been busy lately as they have recently released the RDO Blood Money update for the remaining few cowpokes in the wild west. This has just introduced a new Quick Draw Club pass with some snazzy rewards, and there will be two more before all things wicked and evil arrive.

You will want to purchase each of the Quick Draw Club passes to get their rewards and the Halloween bundle for free, but you will also want to start protecting property for money and other prizes.

Red Dead Online: Blood Money

Red Dead Online: Blood Money

How to play Call to Arms in Red Dead Online?

You must first retrieve a letter from ‘J’ to be able to play the Call to Arms survival mode in Red Dead Online.

All you need to do is simply head to your RDO camp and grab the message from your lockbox. If you’re already out in the fields on your wild steed, you can instead get the message from a post office.

Once you’ve grabbed the telegrams, you then need to open your satchel and scroll across to documents. Select telegrams, open Call to Arms, and then look over all the available missions in towns and areas such as Blackwater and Valentine.

How many waves?

There are ten waves that you need to survive to complete Call to Arms missions in Red Dead Online.

You will be able to team up with a posse of four players total, and you will need to defend the property as per the contract. As you’d expect, each round gets more difficult with tougher and a greater onslaught of bandits.

Missions start with five minutes to prepare, and this includes positioning the members of your posse. You will also want to ready your guns so you’re not left naked at the hip when the baddies arrive.

Red Dead Online Call to Arms rewards

Rewards for surviving all ten waves and completing the mission are 3X RDO$, XP, and Gold for every player.

Not only that but you will also be given an offer of 30% off any Novice or Promising Role item within 72-hours. Now all of that ain’t half bad for shooting dozens of cannon fodder.

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