Jane Marczewski, popularly knows as Nightbirde, was one of the most admired contestants on America’s Got Talent Season 16. However, she withdrew just before the quarterfinals, due to her ongoing battle with cancer. 

Even though she isn’t a part of AGT anymore, she sent out an inspirational message through her personal Instagram ahead of the live shows. That has made fans highly emotional. 

Sharing the screenshot of one of her old tweets, Nightbirde wrote in the caption: “This isn’t just about my story, maybe it’s about yours too.”

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How is NightBirde doing now?

Nightbirde has been vocal about her struggles with liver cancer. After revealing on Instagram that her health had “taken a turn for the worse”, she sat down for an interview with CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo to provide an update on her condition. 

Nightbirde said: “To tell you the truth, I’ve been curled up in a ball like a cocktail shrimp, having an A-plus pity party for myself, because it’s just been a bad, bad month. It’s been really, pretty devastating.”

She further added: “So my liver right now is mostly cancer, more cancer than liver in there right now.”

In a post on August 2, the singer told her fans to stay with her and that she’ll be “better soon.” She concluded her note by saying, “I’m planning my future, not my legacy.”

Today (August 10), Nightbirde took to Instagram to share a clip of her singing. However, it is not known when the video was originally shot.

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Jane Marczewski was a Golden Buzzer performer 

For those of you who missed watching Nightbirde on AGT, her performance won Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer. She even received a standing ovation from the other judges. 

She sang her original song “It’s OK”, through which she narrated her life and battle with cancer.

Jane’s cancer has sadly spread through her lungs, spine and liver. She revealed that she was told she only had a 2 per cent chance of surviving. But, that didn’t stop her shining bright and putting her talent to display. 

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Fans wish her a speedy recovery 

On seeing Nightbirde’s Instagram post about not quitting, fans soon rushed to Twitter to wish her a speedy recovery as they shared their love and prayers. 

One tweeted: “I’m praying the world will get to see what YOU can do with your life well into the future.”

Another wrote: “Sweet sweet Jane – I only came across the AGT video a few days ago and been so touched by your songs and strength and wisdom. Your old YouTube videos shows you have always been who you are. Love you and will say a little prayer for you every day. Love and Blessings from Oz”

Adding to the above tweets, another Twitter user said: “Keeping you in my Prayers, @_nightbirde!! Keep us posted!!”

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