The Back 4 Blood open beta is currently stuck in maintenance mode with players failing to sign in due to a profile service error.

Warner Bros. has recently disappointed fans by announcing that there will not be a campaign versus mode, but players are still largely happy with the title because of how it echoes Left 4 Dead. Slaying zombies and drowning in blood is as fun as ever, and Turtle Rocks’ version of the undead are some of the sickest in the genre.

Whether you’re the medic, the leader, or the rebellious woman who processes a kick-ass bat, it’s soon time to start mowing through the living dead all over again.

Back 4 Blood – PC Trailer

Back 4 Blood – PC Trailer

How to fix Back 4 Blood the profile Service is in maintenance mode

The only way to fix the Back 4 Blood profile service is in maintenance mode error is by waiting until the open beta starts.

Turtle Rocks’ open beta is currently in maintenance as the servers are not online until August 12th. This is why players are failing to sign in even though the demo is available to download.

Although the maintenance mode error is annoying for everyone who has downloaded the playable sample, the good news is that it will start soon.

What time does the Back 4 Blood open beta start?

The release date for the Back 4 Blood beta is August 12th and it will start at the time of 12:00 PT, 15:00 ET, and 20:00 BST.

It will finish at the above hours on August 16th. Once the demo ends, you will have to wait until October 12th to play the full game.

But, if you cough up some extra money and pre-order the Deluxe or Ultimate version, you will be able to face the undead again on October 8th.

Beta modes

The two modes are PvE and PvP Swarm. There can only be Zombieland groups made up of four people, and PvE will see you fight off A.I enemies together in either Classic, Survivor, or Hard difficulty.

On the other hand, Swarm is a unique mode where you play both with and against other people. You and the opposition repeatedly switch between the Cleaners and zombie types, and the group that survives the longest as humans win.

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